Let's talk with Jim-san. Part2

1 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/07/26 (火) 15:44:27 ID: xvOcppW1
Let's talk with Jim-san , who is the manager of bbspink.com.
If you can write your questions or some other things in English,
please write them in English.

Since Jim-san is very kind,
so that in case you get spelling error,
or write in incorrect grammar,
he will be able to understand what you want to say.

Those who cannot understand English may write them in Japanese.
Accommodating persons will translate for you.



Jim-san cap handle.
Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★

A previous thread
Let's talk with Jim-san
2 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/26 (火) 21:39:09 ID: ZhrxDW6T
2 is for me, thanx.
3 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY : 2006/07/27 (水) 04:52:29 ID: kiGGVRZm
3 get age,
4 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 04:54:40 ID: JctHs/jL
Sexy Mary is here.
6 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:15:29 ID: xHKnzqqU
I understand.
7 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:17:46 ID: YyMTfED7
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
Any complaints about the volunteers they must be made here, or on the next thread.
8 : ◆SELEN/.zg6 [age] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:21:28 ID: wwlrEC0n
Politics of the world follows the place where the public opinion goes to, and be decided.

(in japanese)
Bnaki kouron ni kessu beshi.

Even if there will be any kind of circumstances, a principle does not change.

(in japanese)
原則は変わらない どんどん発言 遠慮はいらないでしょう。
9 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:23:38 ID: YyMTfED7
Lets update our rules of deletion with the suggestions that have come in so far.
After we are done with this. lets compare to 2ch rules. in most cases we will follow those.
They are pretty good, and very long. Making me very sleepy everytime I read the translation I have.
So we will have both words, from that and deeds from the list we make here. What we actually do.

* Telephone numbers of private #3 style people should be deleted.
* email address that is for spam or that is being attacked should be deleted.
* urls that do not have anything to do with the conversation should be deleted.
* Multiple postings of same post to multiple boards.
* Postings from someone that is under the age of 18.
Mumumu-sans language is added, multiple, as in multiple orgasm is added. Cross, as in dressing is deleted.
10 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:32:08 ID: ???
# なんか、おいら、Jimさんにとことん無視されてるんですが(汗)
# レスを読んでないのか、状況を分かってないのか、どっちなんだろう。。。


I'm not getting answer of questioning and asking from you.
If there isn't permission of you, my work isn't proceeded.

In that case, all volunteers will be not able to work, when coming time limit.

Please give me RIGHT to operate and construct of the deletion system.
I've the ability to do. I'm fit. I can become leader.
Please question Hiroyuki if you have some doubt in me.
Don't you think my doing those work to be pleasant?
I withdraw if you don't hope.




11 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:36:41 ID: YyMTfED7
>>8 What will we do if the politician has no principle?
The biggest concern for the safety of bbspink is from religious political groups
in the USA. To them their religion is above the law, and it is ok to break the law to further
their agenda. So the biggest concern I have in the deletion rules are that the threads and boards
are enjoyable by the majority of the users. We can't do anything if the religious groups in the US
take aim at us. It is probably very funny thinking for someone in Japan, but thatis my only worry.
Almost all words typed on this bbs are protected by the constitution of the US. Even though the typist
may be in Japan his words are stored in the US, and my principle mission is to protect them.
12 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:38:46 ID: YyMTfED7
>>10 Toru-san my problem is not understanding your questions. gomenasai.
I am happy to have you as volunteer if there are no complaints that are valid against
you on this board.
13 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:42:53 ID: kiGGVRZm
Dear Jim-san.

It is a question to JIM-san.

info@bbspink.com and dns@nttsupport.com.

Have these addresses reached JIM-san?

Is it unquestionable for my English?
14 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:44:42 ID: ???
# なんか、、、やっぱり、Jimさんは状況を理解してない、と分かった。。。

>>12 :Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys-san
> if there are no complaints that are valid against
I've many complaints of me, あははは。:-)
15 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:48:20 ID: kiGGVRZm
Though JIM-san was understood as permission.

( in Japanese )
16 : ◆yGAhoNiShI [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:51:08 ID: KiY+dcOX
Nogood uselessness!
Nominate me!
17 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:52:49 ID: kiGGVRZm
( in Japanese )

18 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:53:35 ID: YyMTfED7
>> jim at 80 dot kg
my weight goal is 80 KG
19 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:53:42 ID: ???
>>15 :koro ◆8j1enTAicY-san
I don't think so.
I want permission clearly from Jim-san.
Otherwise, neither everyone nor this work can be done.
21 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(3283294);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:58:39 ID: KDNsM1Br
> my weight goal is 80 KG

wuhaha, shape-up, Gangare!

I met Yakin-san and Mirv-san at mid of July, and I surprised
they have a slim body.

Anyway, now Jim-san now shows an official email address for contacting volunteers.
It is very good for bbspink, I think.
22 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 05:58:53 ID: ???
# つうか、もう実質的にあと2週間もないのに、
# どうして何もJimさんに伝わってないんですかね?
# 皆が今、何をどうしようとしてるか、何をしなきゃいけないのか、
# おいらは、まさかそこから説明しなきゃなんない?
# やだよー! 英語嫌いなんだよー! うえーん!
23 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:01:20 ID: ???
>>21 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI-san
You have Platinum points! COOL!
24 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(4104959);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:01:24 ID: KDNsM1Br
Please don't upset. Mochitsuke.

I think all volunteers help you.
So, you are not alone. There are so many volunteers and users in bbspink.
Including me.
25 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(547632);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:02:36 ID: KDNsM1Br
Thank you.

After we make bbspink stable, I will explain my PLT's link's details.

And it is time for meeting of my main job. Sorry for my offline momentary.
26 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:06:21 ID: ???
>>24 :Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI-san
Oh,,, I forget MOCHITSUKU...

I've to ask you. I'll write it is necessary to do and schedule.
When you have the leave, please translate into English...
27 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:18:38 ID: Wcfloffl
28 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:23:51 ID: C4rcROz0

Toru-san is a little stiff, but he's trustworthy man.
As the occasion demands, he will work without sleeping.
You obtained the excellent staff.

Toru-san is be impatient and hurry very much now!!
He's desperately trying to make up for the delay.
Soon, the staff of 2-channels will withdraw from BBS-PINK's work.
Toru-san wants to operate deletion system before from the day when the staff of 2-channels withdraw.
Please demand explanation from him.
29 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:37:38 ID: 3wCyEJim
My ID include"Jim".

30 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:42:37 ID: SHfoK644
31 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 06:56:55 ID: C4rcROz0
A note in commemoration of something = Kinenkakiko = 記念かきこ
33 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(1459744);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 07:12:11 ID: KDNsM1Br
Just I returned the meeting of my main job.
But now still in my working time.
So, I am now making a sabotage of my job. :-)


There are so many, many users in 2ch/bbspink. So, you need not any worries
in English problem. I think many 2ch/bbspink users translate your Japanese
writing in this thread to English, for communication with Jim-san.

Again, please don't worry, you are not alone.
Many users always help you.
34 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(1642436);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 07:14:22 ID: KDNsM1Br
...BTW, my main job is very important for me.
It is probably more important than all 2ch and bbspink matter.

So, I must return to my main job.
Sorry for everyone and thank you for discussion.

35 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 07:35:18 ID: exELk/q4
Mumumu-san, otsu-desu.

Please click here.
This is the 2-channel board for ask deletion by the user who found spam.

These all are requests to delelete, and the Deleters read the thread,
then delete spam, and write "I deleted them." on the thread.

The Deleters only know how to delete.
They must know spell for deletion, and their own ID and PASSWORD, too.

Do you need the same system for BBSPINK?
36 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(730324);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 07:39:28 ID: KDNsM1Br

My thinking is already written at this thread.

So, unfortunately, I am a very busy man so I think I can't allocate my time
for translation for your articles.

But I don't have any worries about it. So, as I wrote before, there are so many
users in 2ch/bbspink, of course this thread has many users, too.
I think all of your Japanese articles will be translated automagically by
many midgets. :-)

Aagin, please don't worry, we have so many strong users.
37 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 08:00:21 ID: ???
Thank you for your responses.
I try to write any matter on this thread.
38 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 08:02:41 ID: ???

1、 Jimさんにボランティアさんの心得を決めてもらう。
・管理人がのぞむこと ・管理人がのぞまないこと ・管理人が責任を取ること

2、 Jimさんにボランティアさんの窓口を決めてもらう。

3、 ボランティアさんの任命。
39 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 08:05:13 ID: ???
40 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 08:55:04 ID: SHfoK644

Toru-san wants to recruit deleters of PINKBBS.
He has the special skill that sees through the eligible of deleters.

An official mail address of PINKBBS is necessary to recruit deleters.
Please give an official mail address for the deleters recruitment to Toru-san.
Could you grant permission that uses del@bbspink.com for Toru-san?



41 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(2918584);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 09:00:57 ID: KDNsM1Br
Indeed, http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/ (Excite translation) is very cool certainly.
But I dare to introduce an alternate one. It is http://honyaku.yahoo.co.jp/ (Yahoo translation).
(N.B. "Honyaku" means translation in Japanese)

Excite translation uses Amikai's translation engine, it is very popular for
online translation web page. But Yahoo translation does not use it, but
Yahoo uses Cross Language's translation engine.

So, we can use both engines of course and we can choose and/or integrate the results.
It is very useful for checking and taking diversity.
42 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 09:03:17 ID: ???
Jim-san, I itemized a necessary thing at >>38.

1, Jim-san must decide "Volunteer's Knowledge" in Japanese "心得(KOKOROE)".
"Matter for which Jim-san hope to volunteers as manager",
"Matter for which Jim-san doesn't hope to volunteers as manager" and
"Matter where manager takes the consequences",
These three items are at least necessary.

2, Jim-san should decide volunteer's leader.
Normally, Jim-san may manage all. But, it isn't so realistic.
I ran for the leader. However, other person may do.
And, the official mail address is necessary.
"del@bbspink.com" can be misappropriated to this.

3, Volunteers are registered.
If item-2 can be cleared, this can be executed even at once.
Volunteers come to be able to work at soon.

We should do these in a few days.
Because the time limit is August 15th.

Am not I neat? (;;) >>ALL
43 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(3284249);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 09:05:42 ID: KDNsM1Br
I think it is very good and it is enough to recognize your thinking to Jim-san.
44 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(1642436);] : 2006/07/27 (水) 09:16:24 ID: KDNsM1Br
And Toru-san,

You need to explain/clarify to Jim-san why August 15th is the hard limit of it.
I think it is very important point.

I am not sure that Jim-san recognizes the past facts for a month.
So, it is safe to explain all facts to Jim-san in this thread.
45 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/27 (水) 10:01:23 ID: ???
Thank you. Um,,, I try.

Hiroyuki wrote at 2channel
> I should do "Is the deletion script of bbspink name changed or the deletion request stop".
> But, Worry is when I do it.
> I will execute it within one month because I look at current state.
He wrote when July 13th...
46 : イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U : 2006/07/27 (水) 12:32:17 ID: Q88B4g2h


  ヽ○ノ フォ──────ッ!!
47 : イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 12:50:26 ID: Q88B4g2h

...English Fn ..tidying.. ー... Someone will be able to ask for the translation.
As much as possible..translation..put..roll up..low.A hard gay doesn't permit
Salvation by faith fooooooooooooooooooo!!

...retreat.. ー also. It is hard gay and ..becoming empty.. !.
It is ..gym.. ー, and I am a hard gay who can delete it.
Now, I want to see the telephone number and the ruining request. Okcai. ?
.. ..will help without permission.. ..becoming empty.. though not judged by a
formal deletion guideline it is detailed of not deciding. The waist moves without
permission, too.
It doesn't care even if the deletion account stops if my activity is not preferable.
I want to hold the activity as the volunteer I pray ..the admission...

  ヽ○ノ fooooooooooooooooooo!!
48 : ◆MOMOwomoIk @桃太郎 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 13:08:52 ID: ???
Hello! Mr.Jim!
I am MOMOTARO, one of the volunteers of BBSPINK.
I know me well and cannot miss the results of the past of >>42 ◆ ZFz/q7JaS6 @ TORU ★
for future development of BBSPINK with a very splendid thing.
Jim please accept his >>42 proposals by all means.

Because I do my best for development of a bulletin board, too; thanking you in advance.

Jimさん こんにちは
>>42 ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★の過去の実績は、私もよく知っており、とても素晴らしいもので、

49 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 13:12:26 ID: kiGGVRZm
>>イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U-san

We welcome you.
Let's do its best with us.

I leave it to another volunteer because I cannot translate.
50 : イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 13:24:58 ID: Q88B4g2h
>>49 koro-san
Thank you. Please leave it to me.
Let's hold out mutually.

51 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 13:28:52 ID: JzYh1f2h
Translation for >>46

Hi! I am Hard Gay.
Jim-san! I am a hard-gay who can do deletion.
Interim, I would like to take care of telephone number issues and request of cope with unexpected attack posting. Is it OOOOK?
I will not judge detailed point before formal deletion guideline is created, but I will help without permission :-). My waist is also shaken without permission!
It does not care even if the deletion account stops if my activity is not preferable. Come oooooon!
I want to hold the activity as the volunteer. Pleeeeease accept!

  ヽ○ノ fooooooooooooooooooo!!

52 : イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 13:34:27 ID: Q88B4g2h
Thank you!! Thank you!!
arigatou gozaimasu!!
53 : ◆qb.x27/m96 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 14:45:07 ID: Mwrv+PTw
Dear Jim-san
We have manager's Jim-san and the thing that it wants you to decide
It is this.

"Mr. volunteer's knowledges"

There are three elements in them.

1:What is the thing for which the manager hopes?
2:What is the thing for which the manager doesn't hope?
3:All the responsibilities are manager's things.

I think that the thing that these three elements at least become complete is necessary so
that the volunteer may act by BBSPINK.

#This demand is a translation of this explanation.


Please translate the part where someone is wrong again.
54 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 15:45:36 ID: 51HCVh3p

The guideline is agreement between you and users.

KOKOROE is agreement between you and deleter.
And KOKOROE is contract terms between you and deleter.
55 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 15:51:31 ID: 51HCVh3p

BBSPINK has the same script as 2ch.
2ch doesn't hope for the script to be known to everybody.
So, The script for operation disappears on August 15.
56 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 16:09:16 ID: 51HCVh3p
Deleter needs them not to be sued.
Deleter might function if it does so.
Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the contract terms between Deleter and Jim-san.

The volunteer gets the tool from the operator.
Jim-san should decide the operator who brings them together.
I guarantee that TORU-san has the ability for it.
57 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 19:47:23 ID: yapYUSkg
To: Jim-san

>>11 "The threads and boards are enjoyable by the majority of the users."
I got it.
Although it is difficult to make a standard, do we add to a deletion policy about a slander?

>>47 イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U is offering to become a volunteer.
58 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/27 (水) 20:27:00 ID: yapYUSkg
To: Jim-san

I have a basic question for making a deletion policy.
Will you save the bbs data as long as possible?
The reason why I have this question is in the following.
A value of information is increase if off-topic is deleted.
If you will not save the bbs data for a long time, deleting off-topic is unnecessary,
although it might be necessary to keep the rule of the topic.
59 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 02:29:18 ID: 1aO+fqpW
Dear JIM-san.

Less than 21 years old

Less than 18 years old

It is a question about a change of JIM-san.

When it is California state law with the server of BBSPINK, less than 21 years old is a prohibition.

JIM-san ignores a server place of BBSPINK and does not become a problem?

If JIM-san does not have a problem, we want to unify it by prohibition under 18 years old.

( in Japanese )
60 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 02:36:36 ID: MdjlA1hd


61 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 02:52:12 ID: 1aO+fqpW
( in Japanese )
http://pie.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erobbs/1083466372/902 で示した先のレス
http://pie.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erobbs/1153507675/36 のレス内容について

62 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 03:45:05 ID: +XsRiDjW
Japanese only



63 : ◆79EROOYuCc : 2006/07/28 (木) 05:37:01 ID: zMvyrIeZ
Dear Jim,

Do you think it is ok for high school students can come to BBSPINK?

the wording ''over 18 years old'' includes high school students sometimes.
64 : ◆79EROOYuCc [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 05:38:47 ID: zMvyrIeZ
Do you think it is ok for high school students to come to BBSPINK?

65 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/28 (木) 05:42:44 ID: S+juRcbg
The age is 18 that is the legal age. It has nothing to do with what people do during the day.
66 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/28 (木) 05:43:54 ID: S+juRcbg
I agree with prohibition for under 18 nobody under the age of 18 is allowed.
67 : ◆79EROOYuCc : 2006/07/28 (木) 05:51:37 ID: zMvyrIeZ
I get it, thank you.

one more question,

we are now discustting bbspink guideline on the following thread.


we'd like to make a brief line, a kind of draft guide line based on 2ch gilde line.

Do you mind our discustting about that, and we'd like to show you that translation later.
and you can change whatever if you do not like that.

is that ok or not?
68 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/28 (木) 05:52:35 ID: S+juRcbg
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Any complaints about the volunteers they must be made here, or on the next thread.

I am now taking nominations for leader.
1st nomination is Toro-san who has requested this job several times. It will be one your
Office, and resigning is not allowed, except for unable to do the job because of sickness.

Are there any other nominations?
I will not be able to be online for 72 hours, so lets make a deadline of Monday July 31
for nominations.
After nominations we will have a vote and multiple post bbspink one time to let people know of the vote.
69 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 06:08:05 ID: NmxDQTa/

Please sleep early. 〜♪
70 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/28 (木) 06:14:27 ID: S+juRcbg
I am going to sleep now, but I am very happy with my idea in >>68
Then deleters that want to be the leader can campaign all week-end.
Oyasumi nasai
71 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 06:24:44 ID: yapYUSkg
Have a nice weekend, Jim-san.
72 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(3283766);] : 2006/07/28 (木) 06:35:05 ID: b+w3jUGf
> Toro-san
should be "TORU-san".

His handle name in Japanese is "トオル", so,
it may fit to "Tooru-san", but he calls himself as "TORU", as you've seen before.
So, I think you should use "TORU-san" as his name.
73 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(2554447);] : 2006/07/28 (木) 06:52:44 ID: b+w3jUGf

Hmm... some Japanese law clearly separated that whether the target person is
high-school student or not. For example, "Enjo-Kosai" issue.

So, we need very careful operation about the issue.
So, I think this issue must be reviewed by someone of Japanese lawyer.

Fortunately, a famous Japanese lawyer, Kazuo Makino and Hiroyuki co-published
the book about copyright matters in 2ch:


So, Jim-san, Hiroyuki may introduce Makino-san to you.
I strongly recommend you make a request vir email that
Hiroyuki introduces you to Makino-san.

Hiroyuki is one of our best friend, of course.
So, I think he will make a cooperation for bbspink.

-- Mumumu
75 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 07:18:03 ID: jctAYhiO
Tuna's fat appears in front of you when you order "Toro" in the sushi parlor.
76 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 07:40:36 ID: VjFv9jEg


  、   ∩
( ^∀^)彡 貧弱たん!貧弱塾の技!
77 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/07/28 (木) 07:46:44 ID: VjFv9jEg
Oh! Excuse me!
I wrote a message for another board. I'm really sorry.

Would you mind to ignore message #76?
78 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(4378368);] : 2006/07/28 (木) 08:05:04 ID: b+w3jUGf
"Would you mind ..." style sometimes sticks to formalities, I think,
like "Would you mind if I smoke?".

Jim-san is very frank and nice guy,
so, I recommend you use "Please ignore my message #76." simply.
79 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 08:10:31 ID: VjFv9jEg
Thank you for your kind advice.
80 : ◆YassyNGhTM [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 08:33:40 ID: MwzsTDZ6
To: Jim-san

Please let me do the volunteer.
81 : Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 08:45:27 ID: /b/QPCM/
To Jim-san
It increases making use of the translation software. If there is an impoliteness because of that, please pardon.
I am the lesbian person.Jim-san knows, is glad when there is understanding in the homosexual love and the lesbian love, very.
I thought that we would like to participate in the volunteer, by informing that.
I think that in the future, we would like to cooperate as much as possible in you.
Thank you.

Have a nice weekend,


82 : ◆IG7FqGWJqU [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 11:50:23 ID: orc+1+Hz
Jim-san,I'm sorry,I cannot write English well.

I want to become a volunteer of BBIPINK Deletor.(Not Leader)
I send an email to TORU-san, and it is conveyed the intention.
If you are interested what kind of person I am,
please try to ask TORU-san. He will judge whether I am suitable for Deletor.

I think
TORU is most suitable as a leader till the system
which we make operates smoothly.
When the system operate smoothly,then another people will be the leader.
TORU is too busy to stay at the position.
83 : エボラ ◆172VC7723I [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 11:55:00 ID: BD6HfJjq
Dear Jim-san.

I want to apply for a volunteer, too.

84 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 12:00:23 ID: tEwKSqJX
>>83's another handle-name is “オカン”, means 'mom' or 'mommy'.
85 : ◆NerINe83fk [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 12:45:16 ID: j9OnZ9rN

(Do you know?
It is a meaning of "Nice to meet you" in English.
in Japanese はじめまして )

I somewhat understand English. However, it is not good writing English.
I am sorry,if there is an impoliteness.

I was participating in the discussion about bbspink as "the anonymous coward".
And I'm 2channel's volunteer. It is of course 18 years old or more.
First of all, I want to tell the administrator of BBPINK my intention.
Could you make me help BBSPINK?
I would like to become a BBSPINK's volunteer.

I will email to TORU-san later.
To apply for http://pie.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erobbs/1153824407/82 .
(Sorry,I don't have ability to translate ↑ into English)
86 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 14:16:58 ID: E+CrVaiv
Shinobu-san, check your E-Mail Box(means 'del@…', not 'shinobu@…'), please.
88 : ◆0RbUzIT0To [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 14:55:10 ID: gZKSLZIj
Nice to meet you the Jim-san.
My name is 龍◆0RbUzIT0To
I like this bulletin board very much.
I want to be useful for Jim-san.
Chore Translation Deletion and so on
Please let the volunteer participate by all means
89 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 15:08:55 ID: 00Z37q6V
not Volunteer?????
What is remuneration?
Remuneration is required if it is job.
90 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 16:19:17 ID: XncDslZr

I recommend IZUMI_san almost as same as TORU_san.
He has a sense of responsibility, too, and English is a story and wisdom, too.
He resigned a deletion person of 2ch to become a deletion person of BBSPINK.
I think that IZUMI_san is suitable.
TORU_san is powerful for a BBSPINK start; think that support it.
91 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 16:40:05 ID: 5gHtpFVV
All volunteers cooperate in you for oneself.
They have own life.
They cooperate in you within the possible range.

If the resignation is not allowed, you might lose them.
They are here for the communications place.
They are volunteer to not you but users.
Your volunteer is the means for it.
So, they want to be avoiding own load.
92 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/07/28 (木) 16:46:47 ID: ???
>>68 Jim-san
I don't receive in its condition.
I want to make something for bbspink.
But, I don't have a mind that it is OFFICE.
93 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 16:52:27 ID: 5gHtpFVV
If you hope for maintenance by volunteers like 2ch, you should consider for volunteers.

I think that I decrease the load by nominating more leaders.
You need not prohibit resigning.
Even if someone resigns, you only have to adopt it newly.
And, This plan will make the time that you adopt any leaders.
94 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/28 (木) 17:13:49 ID: 6WUE9iCQ
95 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(4925096);] : 2006/07/28 (木) 17:54:20 ID: BFM1+ec9
> I am now taking nominations for leader.
> 1st nomination is Toro-san who has requested this job several times. It will be one your
> Office, and resigning is not allowed, except for unable to do the job because of sickness.


I think you have to explain the reason why leader is one your office,
and resigning is not allowed.

I think it is very important point of your administration policy.
So, it is time to use following thread for publishing your point of view
with your cap.

■ Jim's thinking (part 1)
96 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 05:23:05 ID: dFafB66Y

Do you think that the volunteer has the obligation?
Moreover, will it assume the responsibility to volunteer?
Are there differences in leader's condition and volunteer's condition?

2channel's volunteer has neither obligation nor responsibility.
They help so that the user may use the bulletin board comfortably.
Do you intend to change this stance?
97 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:15:15 ID: P+lLSvnE
tubo kara kimasuta !
98 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:18:30 ID: 7mvesWlX
translation of >>97:
"I came from tubo(famous 2ch browser)!"
99 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:22:05 ID: WVvqwgeS
This is a pen
100 : kim [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:25:16 ID: xUMEAlk8
I'm kim chan.
101 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:28:35 ID: OzVWsl3i

Too bad.....
102 : kim [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:29:55 ID: xUMEAlk8
I am a leader
103 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:30:37 ID: OzVWsl3i
I like Pink Bbs !
104 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(2462393);] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:31:14 ID: BFM1+ec9
>>98 would be:

"Just I'm coming from Tubo (it is one of famous 2ch browsers)!"
105 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:32:35 ID: rg0sGBoZ
It's no famous !
106 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:32:42 ID: OzVWsl3i
I like here!
I love here!
107 : kim [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:33:45 ID: xUMEAlk8
I seem to be me
108 : kim [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:34:19 ID: xUMEAlk8
You seem to be you
109 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:34:47 ID: OzVWsl3i
I don't know TUBO.
What is this?
110 : kim [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:36:08 ID: xUMEAlk8
I like a Japan
111 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:42:38 ID: OzVWsl3i
How do you say TUBO in English ?

By the way,
Do you think I an ARASHI?
112 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:44:12 ID: i1ijFJAZ
I'm 駄馬, パカラッ パカラッ
113 : kim [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:46:51 ID: xUMEAlk8
How do you eat kimchi?
114 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 12:48:34 ID: WVvqwgeS
My Neme is Dabinoji
Karakuri Masuter ok?
115 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 14:15:50 ID: Tct2Gnnk
>>114 is one of the characters of the cartoon"GUN-doh MUSASHI".
the very cool JapanIMation by MONKEY PUNCH
116 : halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 15:11:02 ID: WPDCeWDM
Hello Mr. Jim.

I am "cyan", deletion person on 2channnel.
And I was doing deletion on bbspink as same as.
I'd like to join bbspink's volunteer also future.
May I have those work?
117 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 15:55:01 ID: w51oQHIT
I love you,Mr.Jim.
118 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/29 (金) 19:56:36 ID: BJ/vM7hg
The same method as 2ch will be impossible.
It is desirable to pay a countervalue and to employ the staff of exclusive use.
119 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 02:19:39 ID: H0sTRxna

Please understand the volunteer system of 2ch at 1st.

* The deletion system of 2ch is not perfect.
* The deletion system of 2ch needs a lot of volunteer.
* The participation reason for the volunteer of 2ch has only their own motivation.
120 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 02:33:09 ID: H0sTRxna
To keep the scale, you should defend them from the risks.
I think that the following concepts are necessary to defend them.

What is Deleter?

Deleter can delete only for user's convenience.
Deleter cannot do the deletion that makes the infringement of right and the law, etc. grounds.
Only Mr. Jim can judge it.

Deleter is a user.
Only the deletion as the user is admitted in Deleter.
Deleter cannot take part in the site management and the policy as the organization.

Please correct the difference of the delicate nuance.
121 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 02:49:06 ID: H0sTRxna
If I cannot defend them, I cannot consign the deletion to them.
So, I cannot become a leader until Jim-san understands my concepts.
122 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 05:33:34 ID: Cwh6Szby
>>Deleter cannot do the deletion that makes the infringement of right and the law.

You seem like SAMURAI, and cool! however,
I do not understand your intension.
Could you give me a reason and an example?
123 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 06:17:53 ID: H0sTRxna
2ch has Hiroyuki-san. But, BBSPINK doesn't have the person in charge in Japan.
Deleter comes to have to delete the malfeasance and the violation if there is no limitation.
When Deleter was not able to be deleted, this will become a legal risk.

Deleter is not a specialist of the law.
To avoid the risk even if message is the justifiable criticism, Deleter must delete it.
Please understand the lawsuit risk of Deleter is larger than that of Mr. Jim in Japan.

Please hire professionals if you request the interpretation of the law to Deleter.
If Mr. Jim requests it to the any volunteers, I cannot agree.
124 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 07:03:22 ID: Cwh6Szby
>>Deleter cannot do the deletion that makes the infringement of right and the law.

So, your meaning is that a deleter does not need to follow the law when he/she judges a deletion, but he/she must follow only a deletion policy.

The reason is because he/she is not a professional lawyer, and he/she has a legal risk since Jim is not in Japan.

Is this your intention?

What kind of a legal risk we have?
Could you give me an example?
125 : ◆yzY8OufLJI [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 08:02:45 ID: lwOJyOIw

Please look at two Res of >>65 and >>73.

I think that the grinding match of the aspect as the American of Mr. jim and
the Japanese by the user and the aspect is necessary for the guideline and
knowing BBSPINK.

And, I think that the guideline should receive the examination by the specialist as
Mr. MUMUMU is proposing it.

How about this proposal?

(in Japanese)





126 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 08:13:02 ID: xCdAaSRA
Let's talk with Mr.Jim here.
Let's talk without Mr.Jim there.
127 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 08:21:04 ID: H0sTRxna
> So, your meaning is that a deleter does not need to follow the law
> when he/she judges a deletion
No. I think Deleter must not follow the law.
All Japanese have to correspond to the infringement of right if it is possible.
If Deleter can do a legal judgment as the site, Deleter will not be able to escape the obligation.


This is IZUMI from IZUMI Corp in Japan.

Delete the following messages.

Your site damages our honor. delete it immediately.

Best regards,


The message might be a justifiable criticism.
However, you are hesitating in whether it is a justifiable criticism or an infringement of right.
Can you judge "Do not delete it" for this request?
And, can you say to other Deleter, "Please have the danger"?
128 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 08:39:05 ID: xCdAaSRA
The legal risk may cause illegal risk.
For example,violence,intimidation,extortion and so on.
129 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 09:25:41 ID: qBjw+O7q
For instance,he/she refuses the deletion of >>127

「I claimed "you" should delete. The reason is a violation of the law.
However, the deletion was refused. I want to pursue this responsibility. 」

at this time

D:「i do not have a knowledge of law. And i am not a lawyer.
Therefore, i am not being given the authority to do a legal judgment by the owner.
Only the owner has this power.
It is clearly shown in http://pie.bbspink.com/xxx/」

I think that he/she should be able to insist like this.
130 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 09:28:21 ID: Cwh6Szby
I am not sure about it, but I do not think it is a big problem,
because I could find many web site in Japan says only "not to enter under 18 years old".

Thank you for your explanation and an example.
I still do not understand this part why is it?
"If Deleter can do a legal judgment as the site, Deleter will not be able to escape the obligation."

>The message might be a justifiable criticism.
>However, you are hesitating in whether it is a justifiable criticism or an infringement of right.
>Can you judge "Do not delete it" for this request?
>And, can you say to other Deleter, "Please have the danger"?

If the deleter is not sure, then he/she can ask a leader.
If the leader is not sure, then he/she can ask Jim.
If Jim does not delete it, then Jim gets a plaint.
The volunteer has no legal risk, here.

Very good point, Kotaro-san.
To avoid both the legal risk and illegal risk,
I suggest one volunteer obligation.

* An official volunteer must keep secret on the public about his/her contact address.
Otherwise, Jim can not prevent from someone sending a volunteer a plaint.
131 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 11:21:25 ID: H0sTRxna
If deleter can stop the infringement of right as the Japanese people.

Hesitating might be no problem.
If Deleter judges, "I leave this message", the risk is generated.
So, Deleter will be not able to do the judgment that leaves the message.

Therefore, I ask you again.
Can you judge "Do not delete it" for this request?
And, can you say to other Deleter, "Please have the danger"?
132 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 11:37:40 ID: H0sTRxna 🧦

The law demands to stop the infringement of right.
If deleter can stop the infringement of right as the Japanese people.
133 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 12:54:19 ID: Cwh6Szby
Now, finally, I think I got your intention.
I was impressed for your consideration.
So, you think a risk is generated when a deleter recognizes a writing has a violation.

I think that a risk is not generated yet, when a deleter find a writing and he does not recognizes a violation, even if it has a violation.
So, he has to delete when he is sure about a violation, but he can leave it when he is not sure.

>Can you judge "Do not delete it" for this request?

Yes, I can leave a posting, when I do not recognize it has a violation.

>And, can you say to other Deleter, "Please have the danger"?

No, I cannot say it.
I allow them to delete anytime when they recognize a violation.
134 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 13:57:12 ID: K29cIdod

135 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 14:32:31 ID: qBjw+O7q
They(we) might be better speak in English as in detail as possible.

I think that JIM should be able to trace the discussion later.

of course,the discussion have to be done by using Japanese in another place,too.
136 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 14:35:48 ID: qBjw+O7q

i think so too.
137 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 14:45:02 ID: H0sTRxna

138 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 15:27:21 ID: qZWZpCUB
Jim-san must know our personality to build trust, not only understanding each idea.
The conversation above helps Jim-san to understand IZUMI-san's personality, including his deep consideration, strong patient, maturely.
I think it is more valuable than we talk without Jim-san's eyes.
It was a reason I used this sled.

I close this conversation, although I am sorry before seeing his flexibility.
I believe he has it.

Thank you for your conversation. I touched your mind and I enjoyed it, today.
139 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 16:41:53 ID: AhaSbDiA
140 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 17:10:24 ID: EyEureBX
>>139 says:
For Japanese speakers who post comments only with English:
I think it would be better to post comment with both Japanese and English.
Japanese people would be able to feel fine nuance from original text, and
if there are mistakes in translated text, people could figure out it and can correct it.
Of course, English-translated text could help Jim-sam to understand course of
142 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/30 (土) 23:06:41 ID: fhlWFsZO
ちゃろ ★とか桃色吐息 ★が、自分達の判断で★発行したり、板止めたり、設定変更してるから、リーダーは彼等のどちらかみたいだよ。
143 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 03:59:06 ID: laeG3rQ4
I am back, what a long strange trip it has been. I would have been online yesterday
but I was caught up in a flood in the Philippines. Let me read what has happened now
and then I will start answering people.
144 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 04:26:21 ID: qZWZpCUB
Following people are offering to become volunteers.

◆YassyNGhTM (>>80)
◆IG7FqGWJqU (>>82)
エボラ ◆172VC7723I (>>83)
◆NerINe83fk (>>85)
龍 ◆0RbUzIT0To (>>88)
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU (>>116)
145 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 04:35:29 ID: laeG3rQ4
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ
エボラ ◆172VC7723I
龍 ◆0RbUzIT0To
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU
146 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 04:41:18 ID: laeG3rQ4
>>91 >>92
I am thinking leader should have the position for 1 year and next election
next year.
My thought on no resignation is this.
Volunteers can resign anytime they want to, they are under no obligation.
Leader is elected position, and is for 1 year.
Since it is anonymous election, nobody would really know the offline person
that is elected.
So it would be on your honor to help make the new election for next new leader
if you can not stay for 1 year.
147 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 04:44:50 ID: laeG3rQ4
Volunteers may come and go as they please. There is no obligation.
Lets use the system comfortably, and have fun.
148 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 04:55:49 ID: laeG3rQ4
Tubo is great!
This is tubo
It is pronounced Turbo in english with the R sound. so tubo is better for Japanese I think.
149 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 05:12:04 ID: dTzQ3wKq


How is it thought about the responsibility?

For instance, to the lawsuit because of the outside.

(The volunteer doesn't assume the responsibility in two channels. )
150 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/07/31 (日) 05:32:03 ID: hi8HcAsn
ヽ(`Д´)ノ bokki-age
151 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 05:38:31 ID: Sb043K9s
Jim hello. I depend on machine translation.

A Japanese law is revised.

I think that there is a problem in "http://test.up.bbspink.com/upload.php".

When an illegal image was uploaded, bbspink is brought into question directly by 1, uploader of bbspink. It is different from a note of url of a bulletin board

Because 2, a bbspink bulletin board do not suffer from a site to offer an obscene image falling under a Japanese law to, I think that it is the method that is not good that treat an image in a bbspink domain.

3, anyone can make a page letting you think that you prepared of bbspink. Confusion happens thereby.
This is a made example.

There is little demand for "http://test.up.bbspink.com/upload.php".
I wish that I want use to stop.
Even if there is not uploader, there can be a bbspink bulletin board.
I am concerned about problem outbreak by uploader in bbspink.
152 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 05:48:39 ID: f9ABvoJM
There are two questions in Jim_san.

Responsibility of the person that the first deletes it is a thing to where.
IZUMI_san is the same as it being asked you a question in res.

It is asked so a court of law responsibility about deletion in 2ch,
and I do not intend to appear.

The second is a question about a leader.
A leader manages an account of other members.
I mean as for it namely that I obtain personal information of other members.
A deletion account and personal e-mail address.

A leader seems to be a - turn to totally clean, and, as for me, there is resistance in what - changes in one year.
153 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 05:53:10 ID: f9ABvoJM
ヽ(`Д´)ノ ウワァァァン!
I feel like being machine translation tatters. . . .

My English is strange
154 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:05:36 ID: laeG3rQ4
Maybe I am making a mistake on asking for a 1 year office?
155 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:13:14 ID: laeG3rQ4
I was going to answer each question individually but so many are basically the repeated question
of who is responsible.
Let me answer.
I am completely responsible for bbspink. Nobody else has any legal liability with it.
deleters are volunteers, and are not to be known publicly. personal information will not be collected
If there is personal information it will be kept in the USA, and only I will have access to it.
156 : ひろゆき : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:22:05 ID: Y006qBKU
You's better tell the users:
Why you chose the vote?
What you want the leader do exactly?
157 : ひろゆき : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:23:18 ID: Y006qBKU
I mean 'You'd'
158 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:25:38 ID: /1gCMBK/
Dear Mr Jim.
I'm one of the user of bbs pink.
My U.S.E is poor, But I try to be bridge.

That's point is important for everyone, Mr jim.
The Volunteer would like to know the most basic decision of the structure.

"Who will take the legal accountability?"

Court already adjudicated, "bulletin board manager owes legal accountability".
Concretely, - Defamation, violation of Goodwill. - about Compensation for damages.

The Volunteer is not manager, Ofcourse.
The Volunteer is not some part of the management.
That's why, The Volunteer will not able to take the responsibility, specially about legal accountability.

The volunteer only deletes the case with the breach of rules like the machine.
The manager judges the deletion request that reason is illegal.

It is necessary to post it officially.
General's word will move a lot of volunteers. like a military forces.

and, The Volunteer worries about leader knows to another volunteer's privacy.
basicly, -Leak of official secrets-

Could you think about it please.

All the best
159 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:25:55 ID: f9ABvoJM
Does Jim_san perform setting of a deletion script and setting of a deletion account?

For the staff who cannot speak English, as for it, I think to become a slightly difficult problem.
There is the reason why we request a leader of a deletion person there.
160 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:26:28 ID: ???
Leader will organize the deleters. I want to have the vote because we have
had two nominations for leader, and then we can begin to work on the task at hand.
Leader will also be anonymous and I will take complete responsibility for bbspink.
161 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:28:58 ID: z+B1VhFz
I recommend ◆ 79EROOYuCc to a leader.

Because she can mediate between Jim and a volunteer by English.
I think that she approaches a bulletin board to think of of Jim than a person showing the leadership.

Besides, she can go out with you in "デンパ". Her circumstances can become a volunteer and a cushion between Jim.
162 : ひろゆき : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:30:29 ID: Y006qBKU
Are leader obligated to do something?
163 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:32:56 ID: ???
The leader has no obligation to do anything. It is only a matter of convenience
and wanting to do something for the community that will motivate the leader.
I am hoping that our deletion leader is someone that wants to help.
165 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:39:55 ID: 1pRPOYh0

I recommend Hiroyuki to a leader.
166 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:42:09 ID: ???

Just I made a cap handle for you.

This handle is "ひろゆき ★", not "どうやら管理人 ★", because you are not
an administrator of bbspink.

But its password is the same as "どうやら管理人 ★" in 2ch.
So, now you can use it here for authenticating yourself.

As you know, currently the BE system does not work in bbspink, so,
I recommend you would use the cap handle for preventing the forgery of
your important writing.

-- Mumumu
167 : イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:43:22 ID: TJ1HG7UN


Because it is machine translation, contents may not come precisely, but try to write it.

All of you hello that it is used Jim and this thread. It is HG.
I have deleted a thread of this place by false operation of a deletion tool by mistake today.
I think that a lot of people surprised at a sudden thing come.
I am sorry to trouble all of you. I'm sorry.
I will carry out such an activity carefully more carefully in future not to fail.
168 : ひろゆき@ひろゆき ★ : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:48:25 ID: ???
169 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:51:02 ID: ???
Thank you.

I copied the cap to all bbspink BBS servers. (pie, idol, sakura01-03).
So, you can use this for your important writing in bbspink.
170 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:55:28 ID: qZWZpCUB
Good job, Jim-san.
When are you going to close the vote?
I want to wait for voting until hearing their final mind whether they want to be a leader or not.
171 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 06:58:23 ID: 1pRPOYh0

Is it the specification which cannot be voted from PC?
172 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 07:29:34 ID: ???
To: all;

And I have an wish about the previous thread of this.

The current 2ch/bbspink system, the 1000-reached threads are archived to
the pastlog storage.

As you know, the pastlog archive can read by '●' (oyster) system by using
2ch browsers, but currently, oyster system does not support for standard
web browsers, typically IE and Firefox, etc.

So, I think the previous thread should be archived and HTML-nized on
some other place for publishing and referencing our important discussion.

Could someone undertake this?

-- Mumumu

P.S. I think this page should be written in both English and Japanese,
because Jim-san would refer it.
173 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 07:36:13 ID: ???
> As you know, the pastlog archive can read by '●' (oyster) system by using
> 2ch browsers

should be:

As you know, the pastlog archive can be read by '●' (oyster) system by using
2ch browsers

174 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 07:48:18 ID: qZWZpCUB
I undertake it.
175 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 07:49:53 ID: ???
Thank you. Please do it and show URL here when you've done.
176 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/07/31 (日) 08:13:51 ID: ???
I am sorry for the inconvenience. It is the only Japanese voting site I knew.
Don`t most people have cellphone in Japan now?
Please vote anyway domo wazawaza sumi-masen
177 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/07/31 (日) 08:16:07 ID: ???
Thank you Mary
180 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 08:32:05 ID: ???
Oh, it's good. Thank you for your pointing.

But Mary-san, you can make your own pastlog archive for getting diversity.
181 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/07/31 (日) 08:41:13 ID: ???
>>178 thank you.I bookmarked it. Lots of good memories
182 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 08:47:24 ID: qZWZpCUB
Oh, thank you very much to telling it.

No problem, anytime.
I don't make the page since there is already here. >>178
184 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 09:57:27 ID: qZWZpCUB
(Jim-san's words in Japanese)


155 名前:Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys [] 投稿日:2006/07/31(月) 15:13:14 ID:laeG3rQ4
I was going to answer each question individually but so many are basically the repeated question
of who is responsible.
Let me answer.
I am completely responsible for bbspink. Nobody else has any legal liability with it.
deleters are volunteers, and are not to be known publicly. personal information will not be collected
If there is personal information it will be kept in the USA, and only I will have access to it.

185 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 09:59:08 ID: qZWZpCUB
160 名前:Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★[] 投稿日:2006/07/31(月) 15:26:28 ID:???
Leader will organize the deleters. I want to have the vote because we have
had two nominations for leader, and then we can begin to work on the task at hand.
Leader will also be anonymous and I will take complete responsibility for bbspink.

そして、私達はat handで仕事を始めることができます。(?)

163 名前:Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★[] 投稿日:2006/07/31(月) 15:32:56 ID:???
The leader has no obligation to do anything. It is only a matter of convenience
and wanting to do something for the community that will motivate the leader.
I am hoping that our deletion leader is someone that wants to help.

186 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 10:05:56 ID: OHvXDKAP
I think that I had better pay attention to a reply of Jim_san,
IZUMI_san and TORU_san.

My doubt. Is not there it whether you may be made to take
responsibility because a deletion person does not delete a request?

What is work of a leader of a deletion person?
187 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 10:07:49 ID: OHvXDKAP
(in Japanese)
188 : ◆0RbUzIT0To @いちごぴんく ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 11:11:10 ID: ???
Handlename is changed.
龍 ◆0RbUzIT0To→苺 ◆BladeyqILk
189 : ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★ [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 11:21:42 ID: ???
black star mark(★) was gotten from Mr. mumumu.
The volunteer does as long as time forgives.
190 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 13:48:54 ID: 6jywh39I
I propose the faction system.
My judgment is not perfect.
I need person who does an idea different from me.
I still hope some leaders exist.
191 : ◆DQN/9/VVV. [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 15:02:01 ID: t1PnSMrl
Dear Jim-san

I'm sorry for delay of introduce myself.
My name is ◆DQN/9/VVV.
I am honored to place the name in a line as a volunteer.
I also rely on the machine translation.Please forgive the thing.

I should apologize.Because I made a mistake.
I committed an offense a little while ago.
I have deleted writing that should not be deleted.
Url is the this.
The writing is being restored now.

I was a stripling yet yet....
It reflects deeply.sorry....orz
192 : ◆NerINe83fk [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 15:56:53 ID: FFf3Og6x
Thank you.
193 : ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 18:38:18 ID: 49fdB7/k
Dear Jim-san

Will you do me a favor.

Because you expressed the situation of "deleter"
I just think that I want to support you in the situation of "deleter".
Is it still in time?

I am the general user of PINKBBS.
Then, I don't belong to the volunteer of "2ch".
I don't often understand but I try to study.

Thanks and Best regards.
194 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 19:01:26 ID: +a0wVnwf
Because the performance of the English translation tool is low, it is not
possible to read. ><;
195 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/07/31 (日) 23:50:29 ID: 2ZcBMKQM

196 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 00:07:37 ID: CX21uNLC
197 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/01 (月) 03:39:14 ID: uSD7rbmD
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ
エボラ ◆172VC7723I
龍 ◆0RbUzIT0To
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU
苺 ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★
198 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY @ころpink ★ [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 04:44:19 ID: ???
Dear Jim-san

"龍 ◆0RbUzIT0To" = "苺 ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★"
Please remove "龍 ◆0RbUzIT0To" from the volunteer list.
199 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/01 (月) 04:52:22 ID: uSD7rbmD
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ
エボラ ◆172VC7723I
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU
苺 ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★
200 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 05:04:38 ID: Z+oGajBX
Hi, Jim-san.
How are you, today?
Is there anything you want to talk about until the vote closed?
202 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 07:42:40 ID: 2ZcBMKQM
Does TORU-san say "I will be leader"?
203 : megaman [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 07:47:31 ID: ROYmfdsm
I can't become a leader, but I can become a bubble leader.
First, you should crock bubbleman to become it.
204 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 08:02:18 ID: 6JNbW0gb

If someone requests the deletion for the reasons for defamation, what should deleters do?
Can Deleters judge it is defamation or not?
Or does Jim-san do it?

205 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 09:37:02 ID: PUfOnfBc
206 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 11:40:18 ID: W5+tTLgI
207 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 12:33:41 ID: 2ZcBMKQM

Can I make KOKOROE between BBSPINK and Deleter that I assign?
208 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 12:36:09 ID: 2ZcBMKQM
If I can it, I can be leader.
209 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 13:02:56 ID: 1pF5omxb
I choose izumi-san.
211 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 18:14:28 ID: yFmhmsds
Great, Izumi-san.
Could you explain what kind of KOKOROE you want to assign, and give me a reason?
212 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 20:14:53 ID: ExLgUr+G

There is a thread to exchange child porno on a bbbspink bulletin board.
Do you think that a deletion person should delete the thread?
213 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 20:21:35 ID: tlaUhxB1
(In Japanese)

 削除対象と指定されたを根拠に削除を行えますが、 これBBSPINKの自主規制的なものであり





214 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 20:39:00 ID: yFmhmsds
Could you give each KOKOROE the number for convenience?
Moreover, could you give us the each reason why it is necessary?
215 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 21:50:28 ID: tlaUhxB1
(In Japanese)
1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-4,3-1, 3-4 - 削除人のリスク回避のための項目

2-2, 2-3, 2-6, 2-7, 2-8, 3-2, 3-3,3-5 - 2chと同様の削除人条件、もしくはその明文化

4-1, 4-2, 4-3 - 周知フローの一元化、及び裁定等による緊急対応などの際の意識統一など情報流通の整備のための項目

5-1, 5-2, 5-3 - 削除人がやってくれると嬉しい項目

6-1 - KOKOROEを法律や実際の運用において修正する必要が出てきたときに対応するための項目

216 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 22:02:47 ID: yFmhmsds
Okey, I am going to try to translate >>211 in English.
Give me a time about an half of a day.
217 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 23:48:09 ID: yFmhmsds
To: IZUMI-san

2-6 削除人は削除権に伴う自身のアカウントを管理する義務を負います。

218 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 23:49:20 ID: QKKereGU
219 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 23:52:40 ID: NxoZTk2H
(In Japanese)

220 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/01 (月) 23:59:23 ID: yFmhmsds
I got it. Thanks.
221 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 00:58:13 ID: ea+rvBsK

222 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 01:44:47 ID: d4BpxzfM
223 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 01:58:35 ID: s4nOiREG
The deleter must not leak out own account for deletion under his control.
224 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 02:07:55 ID: s4nOiREG
>>223 PLZ REMOVE THE WORD >his>[NO NEED] or REPLACE his TO"one's"
SORRY. :-(
225 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 03:55:43 ID: yFmhmsds
To: Jim-san,

These are IZUMI-san's ideas of "KOKOROE".
He is hoping to be a leader under this condition.
The purposes of his ideas are to protect a deleter from a law risk, to avoid making a mistake, and to organize smoothly.

A purpose of my translation is only that you to understand his ideas roughly.
These rules have to be edited substantially and grammatically before issuing, if you use his ideas.
226 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 03:56:14 ID: yFmhmsds
(Please change "he" to "she" when it is necessary.)



1. A deleter is a BBSPINK user who is given the right to delete only under the limited condition.
2. A deleter is being for protecting the user's smooth communication.
Therefore, a deleter pays attention about not disturbing the user's communication on his work of deletion.


1. A deleter deletes only an object which is appointed on a deletion policy and a local rule;
however, Jim's judgement is more than all rules.
2. A deleter does not delete his posting by himself except posting his cap information.
3. A deleter does not delete a posting when he is not sure a posting should be deleted or not.
4. A deleter deletes a posting of a rights abuse along a deletion policy and a local rule,
but must not to do a judgement along a law.
A deleter does not have a right to do a judgement it by a law, but only Jim has a right to judge it by a law.
(A purpose is to protect a deleter from a law risk.)
5. If a deleter has deleted a posting which is not appointed on a deletion policy, he has to explain to Jim and a leader why he has done it.
It may be opened on a thread of discussion of a deletion.
6. The deleter must not leak out own account information of deletion under one's control.
7. A deleter has to keep a secret about information of a script of deletion and information of administration.
8. A deleter must not get a thing or money for his work on deletion.
227 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 03:56:53 ID: yFmhmsds

1. A deleter deletes a posting along a deletion policy, and also he has a right freely to leave a posting without deleting.
2. A request of deletion helps a deleter to find a posting, but also he has a right to delete without a request.
3. A deleter takes responsibility to Jim along the rules of deleter when he uses his right to delete.
4. A deleter is allowed to quit a work whenever he wants to.
5. A deleter may be forced to quit when he works beyond a limit of the rules.


1. A deleter needs to reserve an e-mail address for contact.
2. A deleter needs to check for new notes (Mailing List?) for deleters within a required period.(How long?)
3. A deleter has to report in advance when he cannot be on conditions of "Necessary Things".


1. A deleter please reports after deleting for a request, if it is possible.
2. A deleter please pays attention not to open on the public about his personal information, if it is possible.
3. A deleter please reports when he has a problem or a question on his work, if it is possible.


1. The rules of deleter may be changed sometimes.
A deleter contacts Jim or a leader within a week(?) if he does not agree with the new rules.
228 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 07:29:10 ID: KYblzdk8

I am trying translation Izumi-san's KOKOROE by using my spare time.
This is completely my hobby and one of the trainings of my English skill.
So it is like masturbating. :-)


I think the KOKOROE is very good, so, I want to translate to English
only for my motivation.

229 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 07:30:43 ID: KYblzdk8
But my work is very slow, so, please don't count on my translations.
231 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 08:20:22 ID: KYblzdk8
(in Japanese)


あと、章立てを 1. 2. ... / 1.1 1.2 ... としてみました。


232 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 08:32:16 ID: KYblzdk8
I uploaded DRAFT-2.1. It includes slightly fixes.

- their deletions. The explanations may publish in suitable
+ their deletions. The explanations may be published in suitable

- 2.6 The deleters must administrate by themselves their deletion
- account.
+ 2.6 The deleters must administrate in their good intentions their
+ deletion account by themselves.

And I can't update my translation until tonight for my main job.
233 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 08:40:22 ID: yFmhmsds
What a beautiful and an academical writing, it is!
I am sure that Jim-san will understand more deeply after reading your draft.
I hope Jim-san likes KOKOROE.

234 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 09:35:27 ID: KYblzdk8
Thank you. But as seen, the translation is still under constructing.
I will continue translation by my spare time.

And after I complete translation,
I think it is one of the common resources of BBSPINK,
and I wish Izumi-san maintains it, too.
235 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/02 (火) 10:23:58 ID: 5b4pELPu
I would like to become a volunteer at BBSPINK.
236 : ◆SELEN/.zg6 [sage] : 2006/08/03 (水) 12:13:52 ID: 0dWbxtNu
(In Japanese)
>>213 質問があります。


削除依頼がされた投稿のみに削除権を行使できる、と言う事ではない、つまり「通りすがりでも削除できますよ」 と言う理解で宜しいでしょうか?

・削除人は削除行為について物品及び金銭の授受を行ってはなりません。 ←この一文に関してなのでが

おたずねしたいと思います、 よろしければご回答下さい。
238 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/03 (水) 15:30:17 ID: CsgMTwsF
Hello jim-san.
I am suffering an illness. The sickness is epilepsy.
It is not usually at all and is peaceful.
Whether when and where the sickness occurs is not understood.
It is necessary to take a rest all day long when the sickness occurs.
In a word, it is not understood that it becomes impossible when to do
the duty suddenly due to sickness.
May even such man do the volunteer?
240 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/03 (水) 21:16:51 ID: 9uDDZiw2
I translated Izumi-san's KOKOROE to the last minute.
It is DRAFT-3 version.


I think that it is still incomplete.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

-- Mumumu
241 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/04 (木) 01:25:54 ID: JvfbYFlU
>>238 epilepsy ok
243 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [be(3830876);] : 2006/08/04 (木) 02:32:35 ID: ???

Above URL seems that the vote still may be continued.

But you said that the vote was closed, so, I think now the _current_ voting status
is invalid and the vote was completed. Is it correct?

If so, I think you need to show the actual result of the vote at this thread
for clarification.


-- Mumumu
244 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 03:50:55 ID: LSF1GgP+
shibuya tubo total
IZUMI 106 5 111
TORU 108 3 111
245 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 04:00:07 ID: 9uDDZiw2
Hmm. Tubo's one already closed, I think.
Is mobile phone version closed, too?
246 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/04 (木) 04:25:07 ID: ???
I did not know how to turn it off, but vote is over now. Sorry for the confusion.
I hope we did better than Florida does....;)
247 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 04:25:55 ID: LSF1GgP+
Yes, with both site, acceptance of a vote is finished.
248 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 04:37:44 ID: 9uDDZiw2
Ok, I understand.

Thank you.

If so, is the result of the vote completely tie? (>>244)
249 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 11:26:30 ID: TPde7R9F
250 : 238 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 11:47:16 ID: CsgMTwsF
>>241 Jim-san.
Very very thank you for Jim-san. And I love you!!!!

With the illness, although I may sometimes make jim-san and other friends trouble,
I will propose to a volunteer.

Thank you for your consideration.
251 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 14:52:06 ID: mo4U8FIq
Dear Jim-san,

If you permit me to use my KOKOROE, I become a leader

But, I still recommend two or more leaders.

Each leader has each policy and KOKOROE.
It will give birth to the diversity not biased to specific sense of values.
252 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 15:36:46 ID: ETNn4yPI

How do you evaluate my translation of your KOKOROE?
I am not sure whether my translation satisfies you or not.

And if it has qualified to your criteria,
I wish to transfer its management to you.
253 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 16:23:26 ID: fvc5vD7L
(In Japanese)

254 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 16:28:07 ID: z8CX7RjH
(IN Japanese)
255 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 17:30:10 ID: fvc5vD7L
(In English)
OK Sir.
(In Japanese)
256 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/04 (木) 23:14:52 ID: z8CX7RjH
To: Jim-san

It was an interesting vote result that two candidates got almost same number of votes.
I can see from the results that both candidates did not do an injustice, and neither did the users.
I am glad that the BBSPINK users are moral and gentle.
I am so excited at starting the new BBSPINK under Jim-san and a new leader.

◆ANALFUCKo6 (>>235) and >>238 are offering to become the volunteers.
257 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 03:37:45 ID: ETNn4yPI

Just I found some changes in your KOKOROE.

I will apply them to my English translation later.

And I have two wishes to you about your KOKOROE.

1) Please add version number and last modified date/time for clarification.
2) If you can, please notify all changes in this thread for notifying to Jim-san.

I think the quality of your KOKOROE is very good and bright, so,
I decided do masturbating. (>>228)

258 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 04:35:09 ID: fvc5vD7L 🧦
Please refer to datetime Attribute for detailed correction time.
When KOKOROE is corrected, I am doing the markup with INS and DEL Elements.
259 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 04:35:33 ID: fvc5vD7L
260 : 238 [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 06:28:28 ID: OSwJf7Es
261 : ◆mura2zOUT. [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 06:29:14 ID: 6BsjCmgy

I want to become a volunteer.
I will work on deletion if recognized.
262 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 11:19:39 ID: fvc5vD7L

First version fo The guideline of BBSPINK did Fix.
◆SELEN/.zg6-san is translating it now.
When his work is completed, I ask whether it contradicts your policy.
263 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/05 (金) 13:59:14 ID: ???
Congratulations Izumi-san, you are leader.





265 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/05 (金) 14:04:27 ID: ???

266 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(912252);] : 2006/08/05 (金) 14:09:59 ID: ETNn4yPI
Thank you, Izumi-san.
I applied your changes in my English translation
and added the based version number of original document.

http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~eita/kokoroe.html (Izumi-san's original version, in Japanese)
http://mumumu.mu/bbspink/tao-of-deleters.txt (Translated version, in English)

Follows are differences from previous version:

@@ -58,4 +57,4 @@

- 2.8 The deleters must not receive any articles and money as a value
- of their deletions.
+ 2.8 The deleters must not receive any benefits as a value of their
+ deletions.

@@ -85,4 +84,5 @@

- 4.2 The deleters must confirm the contents of regular announcement
- by mailing list and in BBSPINK bulletin boards.
+ 4.2 The deleters must confirm the notifications before using their
+ competence that are noticed by mailing lists, BBSPINK bulletin
+ boards and other specified media.

267 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/05 (金) 14:10:30 ID: ???





268 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(1641863);] : 2006/08/05 (金) 14:14:48 ID: ETNn4yPI
>>263 >>265 >>267

As >>264 said, your discussing topic is "Sure-Chigai" ("not suitable for discussing it").
so, please move the thread that is specified by >>264.
269 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/05 (金) 14:25:23 ID: ???
I send to you volunteer application mail what I keep.
And afterwards, I annul those mail.
You said "If there is personal information it will be kept in the USA,
and only I will have access to it.".
I hope it forever.
270 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(5746379);] : 2006/08/05 (金) 15:46:34 ID: jdL80jO8
Izumi-san and folks,

I've stolen your html, css and jpg files from your original web page,
for making HTML version of my English translation.


Izumi-san, sorry for my shameless stealing without any notices.

But I think you can merge my English translation into your web page.

P.S. I applied slightly changes to the document at that time,
e.g. the deleters => deleters.
271 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 15:56:07 ID: P81jXDbV
Please wait to present the site to Jim-san as a formal version.
We should talk a little more.

272 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(3648285);] : 2006/08/05 (金) 16:21:00 ID: jdL80jO8
Ok, I agree with you.

I slightly fixed and uploaded my English translation by using Yahoo translation
as the same URI.

I fixed this version as today's one, and it is time for taking a bath and going to bed.
273 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/05 (金) 18:24:26 ID: P81jXDbV

> Jim-san
I'm sorry that it is made to wait.
Please let me think whether I can become a leader until the problem of KOKOROE disappears.
274 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 01:45:29 ID: 9xpXZD6z

Please prepare a board with the password for Deleters and volunteers.
If We have a board with Password, We can consult about the script and the deletion judgment,
and a well-known report and information share.
275 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 02:12:04 ID: 9xpXZD6z

I think that the restrictions are more important than the deletions for communications.

◆Reffiz2Zh is a restriction volunteer.
He is Leader of restriction volunteers in 2ch.
The authority of his restriction is larger than the authority of Hiroyuki-san.
The restriction of BBSPINK is shared with the restriction of 2ch.

The protest against ISP is done by restriction volunteers.
They have knowhow. And, They have mutual trust with ISP.

He will cooperate as follows if Jim-san permit.
* Permission to negotiate with ISP with BBSPINK
* Permission of deregulation.
* Jim-san's mail address for Cc when mail is sent to ISP.

I think that Jim-san should give all of the right concerning the access limitation to him.
If his cooperation can be received, we will be able to help the user more.
276 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 03:25:52 ID: 9xpXZD6z

Is it true that Mr. Jim stops the scripts?

Hiroyuki said:
Does read.cgi or bbs.cgi stop?
If Jim-san meets the following, Jim-san can freely use the script.
 Jim-san doesn't sell others the script.
 Jim-san doesn't open the script to the public.
277 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 03:49:46 ID: DsmNCpIQ
Sorry but I think that ◆IZUMI162i6 san has misread Hiroyuki san's opinion.
Hiroyuki san said that the scripts, bbs.cgi and read.cgi, are free to use, except for selling or publication.
So, even if the link to PINK is deleted from 2ch, the scripts can be used.
278 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 04:44:41 ID: m9z535O2
Sorry, Scripts are all cgi gotten from 2ch.
bbs.cgi, read.cgi, and any cgis.

I heard that scrpts ware stoped by Jim-san. And Hiroyuki-san will not stop scrpts.

I want to confirm what you mean.
279 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(2736656);] : 2006/08/06 (土) 08:15:55 ID: Pkoas8Mj
Izumi-san, Cc: Jim-san, all:

I applied all of your changes to my English translation version.
Please verify it.


This is now based on Version 0.4.20060806-5.

And Izumi-san, I believe the link for "intercommunication" would be
http://kintubo.kakiko.com/pinkbbs/kako/1083466372.html#R848 , not

Certainly, your link points the original one, but users need right for reading this,
what is called '●'. And currectly, all of users don't have this.

As you know, this is very important definition by Jim-san,
so, I recommend this should be completely public.
280 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/06 (土) 08:52:39 ID: ???
A little ago, I send to you volunteer application mail what I keep.

By the way, may I set scripts for deletion and setting ?
If you send mail to me, I teach you that
how to do registration as volunteers.
281 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(547632);] : 2006/08/06 (土) 09:52:05 ID: Pkoas8Mj
(in Japanese)

今回の更新で「terms of duties(必要事項)」の項がなくなって、かわりに、

> 削除人が「必要事項」を満たせなくなる場合は事前に報告するのが好ましいです。

282 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 10:52:29 ID: m9z535O2
283 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(3648858);] : 2006/08/06 (土) 11:11:54 ID: Pkoas8Mj
(in Japanese)


I think the completeness your KOKOROE is high and it is enough operational.

So, I believe you do not need to be eager for its completion more than required.
Mata-ri iki mashou.
284 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 11:53:52 ID: m9z535O2

Could you open your E-mail Address to all users for Admin of bbspink.com?
285 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 12:00:57 ID: adCAhklf
Give him a reason, Izumi-san.
286 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(5745997);] : 2006/08/06 (土) 12:04:22 ID: Pkoas8Mj
Jim-san already opened his email address for bbspink at >>18

So, his email address for bbspink is "jim at 80 dot kg".
287 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 12:06:45 ID: adCAhklf
Was it an email address? I didn't notice it. Sorry about it.
288 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(912825);] : 2006/08/06 (土) 12:12:46 ID: Pkoas8Mj
There's no need to worry about it.

Anyway, Jim-san is great and has a little bit heavy weight. :-)
289 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 12:18:04 ID: adCAhklf
Now I can send Jim-san spam mail. (Just kidding! Maybe love letter.)
290 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/06 (土) 12:23:29 ID: 9xpXZD6z
292 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 06:20:57 ID: WTDpSmFm
Do it enjoy Jim-san?
I am enjoying here.
Thank you.

From a certain user.
293 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 09:32:57 ID: c7IDvyH/
What is browser that Jim-san uses?
294 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 14:21:43 ID: FtRQqJGe

I inform all users of "Jim at 80 dot kg".
It becomes an official contact method to you.
 We cannot receive permission that uses the law from you.
 You have to solve your risks by yourself.
The deletion request that cannot be judged exists in Deleter.
"Jim at 80 dot kg" will receive the deletion request that cannot be judged by Deleter.
295 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 14:31:09 ID: FtRQqJGe

Could you employ a official translator as this site?
 I and volunteers keep acting.
 We do not have time to translate the conversation with you.
 You have to prepare the person who translates.
296 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 14:52:37 ID: FtRQqJGe
Sorry, I also have used an impolite expression.

The reason why I ask for 295 has another.

There was a person who brought my idea together by another thread.
When my idea is transmitted to Jim-san, it is glad.

We need your decision for the important matter deletion request.
English is necessary to recognize the problem correctly.
But, Almost users do not request in English,
and also we too.
That's why, We think that Translator is necessary for the important deletion demand, for you and for users.
Could you solve this problem? I mean, Could you prepare the translator?
298 : ◆qb.x27/m96 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 15:04:13 ID: 6DdFSiKw
I do not agree with it.
No problem is solved by doing it.

He should go regularly to the hospital.
I think so.
He is spending all time on the bulletin board too much.

The demand doesn't hope for execution to me.
It is a comment on this demand.

Hot day is a delicious season of the beer.
It enjoys daily life. (-^v
299 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 15:16:23 ID: MltdEGXm

It will be easier to use the restriction system of 2ch than we make the restriction system from zero.
Do you have an alternative proposal?
300 : ◆qb.x27/m96 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 15:47:20 ID: 6DdFSiKw
You enjoy, it has done?
Also everyone enjoys, it has done?

I think that is answering.
301 : ◆rukh93uu8g [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 16:24:30 ID: jepbTBtP


302 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/07 (日) 16:26:07 ID: MltdEGXm
303 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/08 (月) 09:56:20 ID: RMH5F/Jo
Hi Guys. I just got to Japan. What a long strange trip it has been. I am reading what I missed now.
304 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:03:05 ID: ymQYRuAH
> I just got to Japan.

Did Jim-san come to Japan?
305 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:04:53 ID: RMH5F/Jo
Wow so many things to respond to. Please understand. I am reading Kokoroe
now, I like it so far. It is well thought out.
I am using firefox browser, and tubo
Waiting for the love letters....;)
306 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:08:49 ID: XMb/ZS1h

Welcome to Japan!
Please enjoy Japan, although it will probably be busy.

307 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:13:57 ID: ymQYRuAH
What is the purpose of the visit to Japan of Jim-san?
It's "KOMIKE"?w

Japan is hot, but please enjoy a stay.
308 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:20:00 ID: RMH5F/Jo
I missed my flight to San francisco.
309 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:23:34 ID: XMb/ZS1h

However, it may be good Job. :-)
310 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/08 (月) 10:40:10 ID: RMH5F/Jo
This email is better to contact me at about bbspink matters
jim at bbspink.REMOVEcom
311 : ぽぅ ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 11:29:12 ID: U2jN3QcU
Welcome to Japan!!!
Because U JIM-SAN didn't appear readily, we all have been just waiting for you to visit.
PLZ read all sentences which were written in English.
Appreciate. We all love U.
312 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 11:52:37 ID: lUMFrJQ7
313 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 11:58:15 ID: Gy7cZpqN
314 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 13:30:34 ID: i/VEi1B3
315 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 13:39:33 ID: AA1lw/2U
316 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 13:49:31 ID: q57g73DE
Welcome !!!
a-nd I love you !!
317 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 15:20:16 ID: yrzGTK4G

Do you use bbs2chreader.xpi of Firefox Extension?
318 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 15:22:15 ID: yrzGTK4G
319 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/08 (月) 18:37:39 ID: O1mqvnrK

I have to go to Comic Market 70 in Ariake Japan.
It is my life.
So, I can come from today to the 14th to BBSPINK only a little.

Latest KOKOROE (Japanese) http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~eita/kokoroe.html
320 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/09 (火) 01:48:19 ID: /c5ci+hR
>>317 it is the first I have heard of this extension. I am looking for it now.
THanks for all the welcomes guys.I really am happy I had a chance to come here.
Even by accident. I will have to leave tomorrow though.
321 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/09 (火) 02:06:10 ID: vRPkuByx
testing firefox extension
322 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 02:10:48 ID: X9NO+ntT
Oooooh!! jim-san!!
good morning and evening!!

How did you spend Japanese night? & Is a test brisk?
324 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:00:36 ID: 3GK3b9rq
>>323 Thanks. I installed that plug in.

I am in shinjuku tonight. Where is a good place to go out and party?
325 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:20:45 ID: 9Qh3q+Hw
What kind of join do you want?
326 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:22:22 ID: m9gQlUPl
Hi Jim-san!

Izakaya(Japanese bar), general grade Japanese restaurant, high grade Japanese restaurant,
American(or Western) style restaurant,
which one do you like?
328 : ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★ [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:24:56 ID: ???
How about use feelings?

I'm sorry.
I am not in Tokyo tonight.It is in Nagoya.

I hope a well informed person about Tokyo.
329 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:29:09 ID: m9gQlUPl

There is a Japanese bar in Shinjyuku where you can eat a whale.
If you would like to try, I give you an address.
330 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:34:46 ID: O1mqvnrK
I cannot go to the party for a while because the preparation for Comike is busy. (T_T

Let you enjoys the night of Shinjuku.
331 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:37:02 ID: 3GK3b9rq
>>329 I am getting hungry I could eat a whale. What type? I think Blue whale would be the tastiest.
Probably I will eat at my friend`s cafe tonight.
333 : ◆BladeyqILk [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:40:55 ID: ZcxCykiq


How around here? From Izakaya Shinjuku of ぐるなび
334 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:44:26 ID: 8/DQhpgW
335 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:47:55 ID: m9gQlUPl
This is a place for a whale.
I am not sure what kind of whale they have, but they sure have it.

"Taruichi(樽一)" http://www.taruichi.co.jp/

1-17-12 Daiichi-Asakawa Building 5th floor,
Kabuki-cyou, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo


From 東口 (East bound) Shinjyuku station,
5 minites by walking.
You can find a map from here.

Menu what they have,
336 : ◆MARY/2Kkkc [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 07:51:21 ID: m9gQlUPl
It looks very nice.
I wanted to join you, if I were in Shinjyuku.
Have fun!
337 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 08:35:56 ID: SWRv8EG+
Blue whale :-D
U kiddin?or really? I like it. Ur sence is pretty good!!!CoooooL!!!

By the way,
Originally "小吃 Shao-chi" means fast food/small meal.
It's the food at street stall.
338 : 42.net220148151.t-com.ne.jp : 2006/08/09 (火) 13:37:45 ID: P8Gx9dLA
typhooons have gone
wish it good for flight
339 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 15:21:11 ID: s9c3H5m6
Hello Jim-san !!
A building in Shinjuku is broken in a typhoon well.
You are unlucky. Congratulations !!
340 : Mary@性母マリア ★ [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 20:10:50 ID: ???
To: Jim-san,

Have you ever gone to "Don Quijote (ドンキホーテ)" in Shinjuku?
It is a shopping place like Wal-mart or Target,
but the difference from them is that it has an adult toys corner, and it opens 24 hours.
They have an English web site for the directions.
I think You will like it.
341 : Mary@性母マリア ★ [sage] : 2006/08/09 (火) 20:33:25 ID: ???
Though the directions page does not say, exit from 東口(East bound) at Shinjuku station.
Find an adult toys corner, and have fun if you have a time to go there.
342 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 11:37:23 ID: vAqv3Ktu
343 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 11:42:08 ID: uzOUPAOA
344 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 11:54:19 ID: 1E+XxHEL
Jim-san, may I ask to relieve refugee from bbs-lockout,
I think stuffs are not cruel but merry or afraid now.
345 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 16:03:52 ID: dWg7sBUa
hello Jim-san !!

I am >>238 of this thread.
I applied for a volunteer by an email before.
(for del@bbspink.com)
However, because I heard that I "had better propose it here",
I will make a note.

I will propose to a volunteer.

And I love you !!
346 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/10 (水) 19:42:38 ID: kP6e9qEH
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ
エボラ ◆172VC7723I
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU
苺 ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★
If I missed anyone please complain here....;) I am really sleepy I just got back to San Francisco.
Every part of everything I had was searched when I went through customs. I really dislike that.
Does anyone know how to get off of their harrassment list?
347 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 20:08:04 ID: dWg7sBUa
Jim-san said
348 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/10 (水) 20:33:46 ID: kP6e9qEH
thanks Witch2enoc chan.
I will sleep now.
Good night
349 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 20:41:37 ID: N5F3+08Y
good night!! jim-san☆
350 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 20:44:30 ID: dWg7sBUa

vacation slowly without overdoing it please.

Thank you for adding my name.
351 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 20:52:09 ID: dWg7sBUa
Good night.
have a good dream please.
352 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 21:38:38 ID: BV/7bchc
Dear Jim-san

Watasiha su-pa-boranntia desultu!!!
Subete watasini makasenasailtu!
Sousureba a-rahu/si/gi!!
Usemonohaarawareruha,Tinnkoha20cmizyouninaruwa soryamoutaihenn!
Dakara watasini ★(・∀・)kure!!!
353 : ぽぅ ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/10 (水) 23:54:42 ID: k0Hu1E5G

354 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 00:51:48 ID: 99ycERzg
355 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/11 (木) 02:13:06 ID: kP6e9qEH
Yes to much harrassment. I just want to go smoke after I get off the airplane. I don't want
to stand for hours and hours and be questioned and have everything I travel with be completely
356 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [be(547823);] : 2006/08/11 (木) 02:46:27 ID: DwnG/1FB
(in Japanese)

(in English)
In other words, you seem to have become nearly torn off all of the possessions...
357 : Mary@性母マリア ★ [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 03:26:08 ID: ???
It is unbelievable why they search from their citizen who was born in the US.
(I assume you are a citizen born in the US.)
Also, it is hard to understand searching after getting off the airplane,
though it is understandable doing before getting on.

Anyway, welcome back to your home, BBSPINK!
Sleep well, tonight.

You missed a few offering for becoming the volunteers.

◆ANALFUCKo6 (>>235)
◆mura2zOUT. (>>261)
358 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 05:00:24 ID: 9x66UhCt
(in Japapese)

(in English)
It seems to be necessary because of terrorism emergency.
359 : ぽぅ ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 05:07:14 ID: FYBTikHh
Customs spent your time.
Is it the influence of the terrorism plan prevention in UK?
Information was spreading earlier.
Because a criminal was arrested, UK government understood beforehand. So US gov. too.

How does the matter of the new guide-line for deletion?
Do U already checked?
360 : ぽぅ ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 05:28:19 ID: FYBTikHh
Being..........Each time?
361 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/11 (木) 05:33:26 ID: kP6e9qEH
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ
エボラ ◆172VC7723I
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU
苺 ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★

Thanks Mary
Yes I am US born, and I get completely searched everytime.
362 : Mary@性母マリア ★ [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 08:26:08 ID: ???
You are welcome, Jim-san.
I was sorry for your trouble in the customs.
Did you mean that you were searched more than other people, everytime?
If so, I am really wondering why they do.
Do you carry a religious thing such as a Buddhist rosary with you?

By the way, I have a suggestion, Jim-san.

Let's make a new thread for taking focusly about the rules of deletion with Jim-san.
The reason is because some people who want to talk to Jim-san about a topic besides the deletion have hesitated.
They worry about stopping a discussion of the rules of deletion by chatting.
And also, the volunteers are eager looking forward to complete the rules of deletion.

I am going to make the new thread for talking about the rules of deletion, if you agree with it and you are going to join it.
363 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/11 (木) 15:34:10 ID: iNS1kFNe
ok, lets make a new thread
364 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 15:51:10 ID: Xqq8H9lE
Dear Jim-san.

>>361 volunteer list.

Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ

This person is the same person.

Please spend the good weekend.
365 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 15:56:13 ID: 8oScmdfO
>Please spend the good weekend.

"Have a nice Weekend!!"
366 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/11 (木) 15:58:41 ID: iNS1kFNe
volunteer update
koro ◆8j1enTAicY
ありす ◆Alice7XIII
イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U
Techcs ◆TECHCS.zfQ
エボラ ◆172VC7723I
halc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU
苺 ◆BladeyqILk @いちごぴんく ★
367 : 龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 16:01:29 ID: BQG9vEVV
Hello Jim-san,

My name is 龍翔(Ryushou)
I would like to become a BBSPINK's volunteer.
If a maid of Jim can do it, I feel glad

368 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 16:05:44 ID: Xqq8H9lE
Thank you.

English is difficult....
370 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 16:17:29 ID: Xqq8H9lE

◆RYU22yoiDI-san will become help of Jim-san.
We welcome you.
371 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 16:19:44 ID: 8oScmdfO
Hello, Jim-san

Is it necessary to use Trip to join volunteer list?

I think that it is not suitable as a method to choose a volunteer as.
372 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/11 (木) 16:49:35 ID: iNS1kFNe
I think it is convenient to use trip for it.
However when Izumi gets back from the comic convention, lets ask him.
373 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 17:19:19 ID: uxR+5TD3
I think you are glad not to encounter an airplane blast accident.
A stop in the yesterday's airport is because a terror group seemed to move.
374 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 21:53:36 ID: KAKMeMmx
Good morning Jim-san

Atusakibisikiori ikagaosugosidesyouka.
Watasiha gennkidesuyo.
Mousugu 15nitidesuga umakueroibbsgatudukebaiidesune.
Soredehamata bainara.
375 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/11 (木) 22:56:38 ID: Yb6gCaUQ
Hello, Jim-san.

I want to become a volunteer.
I will help various work of BBSPINK.
We want to enjoy new BBSPINK :D
376 : 龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 00:24:37 ID: nA5uu4Q1
Good morning Jim-san

I am a summer vacation from today
When is Jim a summer vacation from?


A heartfelt message I am very glad
It is glad when it is possible to become it between intimate.
377 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 02:08:53 ID: YXxx5MlT
>>376 冗談でしょ?
378 : 今はまだ無い。 ◆qjynWXRRs2 [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 07:57:07 ID: 84AJuGg/
Nice to meet you Jim-san.
My name is "今はまだ無い。".

I have one doubt.
In what meaning are you using the word "volunteer"?

In general, the Japanese is using this word in a simple meaning
"Person who works free of charge".
The obligation is thin there.
Moreover, there is a person who thinks that there is a limit
in the responsibility that can be assumed, too.

Is there a difference in your recognition?
379 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 08:10:38 ID: R8eG3YXC
382 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 09:11:15 ID: 7jwuhwNy
oops, mistake.

not >>378, it is >>380.
383 : One resident of bbs [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 10:31:04 ID: WnJ80+8X
Dear Jim-san

I feel another doubt about the definition of "Volunteer" that you say.
Are you using word "volunteer" in the meaning
"People who delete improper contribution in pink bbs and
people who do work related to secret about the technical systems of pink bbs"?

If it is so, I have one anxiety.
It is a thing that all volunteer aspirants can join your volunteer list
without the examination at all.
They only have nothing but to apply
with the handle name.

According to the current custom, 2ch bbs & pink bbs always imposed
the examination on aspirants when they adopt volunteer of management.
The purpose of it is not to adopt the person who does unjust deletion
because when such a despotic person becomes volunteer,
free speech in bbs is not guaranteed.

Many of volunteer aspirants might be the people of good intentions, I think.
However, the content of the activity of volunteer accompanies
power and the technical secret transferred by you.
If you are a manager who esteems pink bbs user's free speech,
I hope for an enough examination for adoption of volunteer.
384 : One resident of bbs [sage] : 2006/08/12 (金) 10:31:58 ID: WnJ80+8X
Conveniently, we have already had one volunteer recruitment with
an appropriate examination.
You are sure to have received the application mail from TORU-san.

I hope to do continuing the recruitment, and to make only the person who passes
the examination volunteer.
The examination was a summary of the content of "Thread that discusses
deletion of contribution of pink bbs".
It is a very suitable examination in the purpose to confirm their discernment and
seriousness about the content of the volunteer's work.

If there is a wall of the language for you to read the application mail in Japanese,
you will be able to nominate a Japanese trustworthy deputy.
He will execute the examination instead of you.

I am sorry in the long sentence.
If it is possible, Please consider it...
385 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/12 (金) 11:51:19 ID: cE2f74BR
386 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/12 (金) 18:20:07 ID: HH6xaXKu
Despots need not apply....;)
I understand your feelings about this.
all I can say is がんばる
Trustworthy Japanese deputy would have to much liability. Due to the nature of this board
it is better to be managed from the United States.
I am sure the volunteers come from all over the world, not just Japan, so lets think of it
as a world board.
I hope deletions are kept to a minimum, and I think that the volunteers so far have
spent an enormous amount of time thinking and pondering the meaning of deletions.
Please tell me more about your ideas for an examination.
387 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/12 (金) 20:45:24 ID: L7CzTyfB
Dear Mr.JIM

I guess, You had better to make "GUIDLINE for USER" insted of Delete
and only apply "Out of this GL is Must be deleted"

thks n b.rgds,
388 : ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ [sage] : 2006/08/13 (土) 06:22:03 ID: D23CHxT8
Dear Jim-san

I am ひまゆき(himayuki) ◆3HioLDbjnQ.
I would like to become a Adjuster.
It is because I like decide a lot of things reading.
When the user can be helped, I think that I am glad.
See you again.
389 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/13 (土) 12:27:39 ID: HH6xaXKu
I like the extension, but there should be a way to put your handle in so
you dont have to type it each time. Whoever is the developer, that is on my
wish list.
390 : One resident of bbs [sage] : 2006/08/13 (土) 15:10:34 ID: vykHbnX/
>>386 Dear Jim-san

Thank you for your answer and the word がんばる.o(^O^)o

> I am sure the volunteers come from all over the world, not just Japan, so lets think of it
> as a world board.
I understand your grand view.
If pink bbs will be more internationalized in the future, it might be very excited.

However, we should think, at least in the current state,
the majority of the contribution of pink bbs are being written in Japanese.
I saw your remark by another thread.
But according to my poor knowledge, there is a thing that user in living in Japan is used
the domain of the foreign country and accessed bbs.
Perhaps, his remark by the same thread might serve as a reference.

Anyway, I think that the following fact is important,
regardless of the nationality of the user himself,
the majority of the contribution with pink bbs are being written in Japanese.
A local rule of each bulletin board and the procedure of the deletion request
are being written in Japanese, too.

If the volunteer has the ability to delete improper contributions,
they should have the ability to judge whether the contribution is "improper" or not.
Enough number of talent who understands a slight Japanese nuance is necessary for us
by all means.
391 : One resident of bbs [sage] : 2006/08/13 (土) 15:12:04 ID: vykHbnX/

Therefore, to select and to generalize them, a Japanese (at least understands Japanese)
deputy is necessary, I think.
I think that it is IZUMI162i6 suitability for the role chosen by the election.

The deputy is , so to speak, your window in Japan.
You need not limit the deputy to him alone.
If it is necessary, you will only have to nominate the foreign deputy
for the foreign volunteers.
However, even if you make another the window for the foreign country,
there is no reason why the window for Japan is not made.
I think that it is the most suitable method for the current state.
392 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/13 (土) 16:48:06 ID: ipllzVzm
Does anyone know how to get in touch with the firefox developer?
393 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/13 (土) 17:43:17 ID: JokNzWnc

it seems like you want to make bbspink be under Japanese law.
that doesn't make sense. if you want to make it happen,
you should make your own bbs.
Who's going to take responsibility? Do you want to?

394 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/13 (土) 18:47:48 ID: ???

I think becoming of ◆ANALFUCKo6-san to leader
when Izumi-san and I cannot become leaders to be preferable.
◆ANALFUCKo6-san said that a legal risk will not leave either.
◆ANALFUCKo6-san is a reliable person.
395 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/13 (土) 19:25:08 ID: uuaVHOdE


>>ジムさん 誰か英訳してください。
1 「証拠保全のための放置」はやめる。スレッドを書き込み停止にして、流れない保管場所へ移動させる。(一般利用者は見ることが出来ない場所)
2 日本国内で問題となるスレッドを削除するシステムを構築する。これで言い逃れが出来る。
396 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/13 (土) 20:56:16 ID: ipllzVzm
translation is not neccessary I have read it, and am certain that this ignorant babel
is just a waste of time.
397 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/13 (土) 22:17:25 ID: sHfGPubO
Dear Jim-san

 # I'm "One resident of bbs" (>>383-384,>>390-391).

Because my connection environment is a narrow band,
  my ID might be different from last night.
  So, I put trip and a handle name after this. よろしく.

Are you dissatisfied with my >>390-391 proposal?
If it is so, I don't have other ideas for smooth operation of pink bbs.
I'm sorry that it cannot propose a useful opinion for you.

>>386 Jim-san
> Please tell me more about your ideas for an examination.

If you are dissatisfied with a past content of the examination,
we might be able to improve it.
But as long as you don't clarify the thing who takes charge of the examination,
it might be difficult to discuss the improvement about it.

For the above-mentioned reasons (>>390-391), I think the best method is that,
the person who understands Japanese examines it in Japanese.
However, if you don't hope for it, it is meaningless to assume the examination in Japanese.

So, may I hear the following?

When ◆ IZUMI162i6, chosen by our election, undertakes the volunteer leader post in Japan,
do you have a mind to leave the selection of the volunteer in Japan to him?
Or, are you scheduling another method?
398 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/13 (土) 22:20:05 ID: sHfGPubO
> it seems like you want to make bbspink be under Japanese law.

From which part of my contribution, did you feel it like that?
I said that the deputy and the volunteer who understood Japanese were necessary
for pink bbs.
However, it is from a simple, practical reason that present pink bbs consists
chiefly by contributing Japanese.
The problem of the law and the responsibility seems to be discussed here and there
actively now. But it is quite irrelevant to my >>390-391 proposal.
I didn't think of what you said at all.

To begin with, isn't it a thing the law of which country manages pink bbs that
administration of justice in each country decides?

(in Japanese)
私は、bbs pinkには日本語を解する代理人やボランティアが必要だと言いましたけど、
それは現在のpink bbsが主に日本語の投稿から成り立っているからという

そもそも、どの国の法律がpink bbsを管理するかなんていうことは、
399 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/14 (日) 02:30:03 ID: ipllzVzm
I am not ignoring or not answering your proposal. It is just so unbelievable to me that someone would even consider what you are saying. I have been pondering your words very sincerely, and still am not quite understanding your words.
Perhaps we have already discussed and come to a conclusion on another thread on these subjects. Anyway I will continue to think about what you have proposed, but I am not sure if it will ever come to pass.
400 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 06:06:46 ID: hxnUFUfV


401 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 06:11:31 ID: hxnUFUfV

402 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 10:24:57 ID: cXb7x7ZU
>>399 Jim-san
I have understood your policy well.
At present, you don't have will make a Japanese deputy.
The reason is.... consideration to the law, or distrust to the deputy,
or might be anything else.

However, if you don't borrow power of the Japanese deputy,
I feel insecurity very much to a substantial meaning of your >>386 word "がんばる".

Indeed, you say that you accept the opinion if there is a problem in the
volunteer's list.
However, how do you judge the opinion?
Or, when other people, including the person himself denied, objects the opinion,
how do you judge it?
がんばる by using the machine translation and the dictionary?
It might be proof of your sincerity. But I worry that it is uneasy.....

I don't want to criticize to you needlessly.
However, it is not a thing limited to this matter, please understand
people and a lot of we worry about the future of pink bbs very much.

Thank you for your translation!
403 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 10:42:58 ID: cXb7x7ZU
I self-supplement >>402

Perhaps, one of the reasons why you don't need a Japanese deputy is,
for further freedom of pink bbs?
When judging it from my scarce English language skill,
your >>386 remark can be interpreted so.
404 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 10:56:53 ID: b+T8CDgd

405 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 19:32:01 ID: hClUImZO
Dear Jim-san,

I decline to assume the position of the leader.
Because the person who wanted to become a leader showed up besides.

Of course, I will participate in the discussion for BBSPINK in the future.

和泉, ◆IZUMI162i6
406 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/14 (日) 19:42:37 ID: ZqbztX0W
I recommend Izumi-san again.
407 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/14 (日) 23:34:06 ID: DJFbDLVO
Dear Izumi-san
I am sorry to see you go. Please tell me the reason more clearly.
There are things happeining now that I am not happy with.

I have never received email from you or Toru
It would be a very good idea for Toru to send me an email.
408 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 00:38:40 ID: nfzuTOj9 🧦
This is a very important problem.
Toru-san and IZUMI-san sent an email of very important contents to you(in Japanese).
And they were grieved that there was not a reply.

Do not you receive an email from them at all?
409 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/15 (月) 00:44:38 ID: DJFbDLVO
I have not received email from them. I am corresponding with other Pink channelers but not those two.
410 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 00:49:51 ID: nfzuTOj9 🧦
The important document which relates to the choice of Deleter
as for Toru-san
in an important intention expression about administration of BBSPINK
as for IZUMI-san again.
They should have written plural emails.

I feel surprise in Jim-san not receiving those emails.
This is a serious situation.
411 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 00:51:47 ID: ZqbztX0W
Izumi-san was says.
I got an answer e-mail once.
412 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 01:10:16 ID: nfzuTOj9 🧦
It seems to have been the contents
"which it talked about on a thread" that IZUMI-san received.
413 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/15 (月) 01:14:40 ID: DJFbDLVO
Yes I did receive one on July 22. I forgot about it.
It was just an introduction letter. No important content.
416 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 01:35:28 ID: ZqbztX0W

Some say.
Jim-san do not answer an important thing even if I ask Jim-san a question for.
417 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 02:05:02 ID: YIOJi3G5

We ask you about what we do not understand.
Whenever an answer from you does not come out, we are disappointed.
It please show an answer of the past that you already answered. Thus it is possible we feel relieved, and to walk it with you from now.
I ask a similar question, but it is not good to get through you to know your real intention.

We do a question and a wish if necessary.
There is a case to get the answer that it is necessary even to think that you are not important to work to a partner.
If there is not reaction, we cannot move excessively.
Because some questions that we wanted you to answer do not have an answer (an action), work is in condition not to be possible, and we are stagnant.

"Manager decision" is necessary to manage it with GL.
Even if you think that contents are not important, an answer is necessary.

If it is often that an answer is not provided almost now, future administration will be difficult.

Because a mechanism is not ready, deletion of BBSpink will stop.
Please look back on a remark of Toru.
418 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 02:41:28 ID: hClUImZO
I do not have confidence that defends Deleter in your policy.
I think that there is a so big risk in BBSPINK in Japan.

But, there is a person who thinks enough in your policy.
I cannot be convinced of safety.
But, if the person can be convinced of safety, I want to leave everything to the person.
419 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 02:51:25 ID: hClUImZO
It is not only your policy that I feel it uneasily.
I have written information here for several days.
But, I do not think that I can have the communication of an enough intention with you.
And, this state might continue in the future.

A lot of time is necessary between you and me.
However, I cannot give you a lot of time.
420 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 03:11:55 ID: WMQXrlt4

421 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 03:13:18 ID: nfzuTOj9 🧦

This is a basic problem.
Deletion is not possible only by having begun a list of a volunteer.
We cannot delete it unless we have you set a deletion account on a server.
It is a state pampered by a deletion account of 2CHANNEL being left now.
I do not understand when a deletion account of 2CHANNEL is raised.

Does Jim-san set a deletion account? Or who is it?
422 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 03:18:05 ID: hfToA64K
English please
423 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 04:32:00 ID: 7N0f4mjE
To Jim

About "work about access regulation"

The same person is engaged in regulation work before.
The need that a share of a pink channel performed report work and cancellation with a reputation of Jim by a clear change of a manager occurred.

It asked you a question.

How do you become it?
Because there is not an answer, some regulation people seem to be troubled.
424 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 04:54:35 ID: iQOWlJji
A person good at English conversation is not necessarily excellent as the volunteer of PINKBBS.
The friend who is with Mr. jim is not necessarily excellent as the volunteer of PINKBBS.

The person who has run for the volunteer here is not necessarily a good man.

The person who decides the Japanese volunteer's adoption should have it.

HIROYUKI-san of manager of 2ch.
TORU-san that did management assistance of 2ch.
Excellent IZUMI-san.
Experience, knowledge, and Japanese ability equal with these three people.

Please hear the voice of TORU-san and IZUMI-san more.
For the happiness of the user of PINKBBS.
425 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/15 (月) 05:35:41 ID: PCjO+/8t


426 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 05:40:38 ID: 6my9EF7A
By any chance, have you set your e-mail-agent up as japanese e-mails let into spam-folder ?
or...gurbled ?
...never ┐(;´ー`)┌
427 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 05:48:22 ID: dw6zfxLr
428 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/15 (月) 06:02:23 ID: PCjO+/8t

429 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 07:19:49 ID: Qg/BoxY9
430 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/15 (月) 08:10:35 ID: IE+YcjBt
Very cryptic.
I do answer questions. I don't answer those that attempt to bait me.
Maybe Toru and Izumi are excellent, but mostly they seem to be
 trying to bully me and take away from other users things that they
Both of them have already quit and restarted and quit and resigned and retired.
How can I believe these two that are so highly recommended to me?
431 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 08:38:40 ID: BmJGY6hK
Dear Jim

Japan is "盆" in the present time.
It is a festival "盆" meets an ancestral soul, and to become lively.
Therefore nationalism spreads, and a manner to a foreign country stiffens.
Not Izumi and a problem of Toru, it is a problem of the Japanese total time.

If you sentence you to Japanese volunteer need of a great many people, it is necessary you accept feelings of a Japanese side, and to make a system.
432 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 09:00:03 ID: 78snBrBT
If you want to retain bbspink, please do not say such a thing.

I feel it unless time to talk with you among them is enough.
You are in a position to administer bbspink newly.
So, you must break off a problem of a system to administer U.S.A. and a Japanese legitimate problem and bulletin board.
However, you do not spend the time that is need in bbspink to solve a problem so far.
It is the serious time to move the system now.
I think that I am to be very important for bbspink in the future how long I spend time in bbspink now.
433 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/15 (月) 09:14:48 ID: IE+YcjBt
Powerful expletive deleted!
How do you know how much fucking time or what I do for bbspink?
You are just Powerful expletive deleted.
Good night jerik.
434 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 10:02:25 ID: ZqbztX0W

You said that you did not take an E-mail of Toru and Izumi at all.
However, he told that Toru sent an E-mail to you in a thread.
Therefore I think that I should have heard it at the time if I do not really arrive.
I thinks to be a proper action as a manager.

They wrote in it at a bulletin board so far.
I can hardly think that it is faithful correspondence to see only the manner
that a manager took for it.
I think that it is natural that they feel unless both
respect and trust are considered to be a manager.
435 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 10:07:46 ID: id07S20H
Sorry,I am not good at English.

Who are "other users"?

To take the fun out of it from the user, they are not behaving.
To defend a happy place for the user, they are behaving.
Volunteer's safety is necessary for that.
It is not because only Toru-san and Izumi-san have misgivings.
Actually, well informed other users about the law of Japan also are
pointing it out. "Deretar has a risk."
This is not a problem that can be disregarded.

You might think like their being conflicting with you.
However, it will be not true if it sees from a certain one side.
There is many sides in things.
There might be an expression that seems that severe for you it at times.
I think regrettable in that regard. I'm sorry.
It is however because we Japanese are not accustomed to English, the United States
culture, and thought.
Excuse me, are you well informed about the culture, thought, the law, and
Japanese of Japan?
We think it is confronted with the same each other, problem.

Please please understand it.
I am wishing the sense that you are bullied to be thrown away.
436 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 10:13:54 ID: id07S20H
(in Japanese)

>>435 said


437 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 10:25:14 ID: ZTckbLLD
Jim-san, please calm down.

I wonder if you know how to put/edit/set deletion accounts on servers.
If not, you must ask him how and do that. Or simply ask his help.
I bet you know who is the person. Please send email to him.
I hope you understand that he is not trying to take things from you.

No one can delete posts of bbspink right now. That is a problem.
Bbspink's deletion-system should begin functioning as soon as possible.
Otherwise, your bbspink will be corrupted with tons of posts of ad and personal data.

You dont seem to answer >>280 yet though you say you do answer questions.
Here's a reminder.
438 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 11:37:50 ID: Qg/BoxY9

439 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 11:42:14 ID: ZqbztX0W

Jim-san says adversely. Do "you make fun of me?"
"The thing that is important for you is to enjoy pink"
A sentence in a bottom is my sentence from here.
Toru-san and 328-san are angry.
They want going to work as a volunteer seriously.
We do not do it to make fun of you.
440 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 11:58:59 ID: ZGRINSXZ

I cannot speak in English well.
Did I do an impolite expression to jim-san?
It apologizes if it is "YES".

I do not have the intention of bullying you.
They do not want also to bully you.

We wish to express our gratitude for gentle feelings of jim-san.
Japan is very severe with the Japanese.
Even if jim-san is generous to the Japanese, the government in Japan
severely manages the Japanese.

A careful person fears it.
A careful person thinks that there is a possibility that the government in Japan metes
out punishment to Japanese volunteers.
They think that the method of preventing the punishment that attacks the volunteer is
more necessary.

The volunteer is a weak individual.
A careful person worries about the volunteer very much.

Jim-san has the soft heart.
They also have the soft heart.
441 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 12:04:33 ID: ZqbztX0W
Your English is very well.
443 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 13:30:25 ID: WMQXrlt4
444 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 13:41:02 ID: nfzuTOj9
I forgot to turn on a name.
I wrote >>442.

My deletion account became extinct, too.
I cannot do volunteer activity anymore.
446 : イレイザーラモンHG ★ [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 14:18:21 ID: ???
Hey!! Jim-san!! Sei!! Sei!! Sei!!
Please update my volunteer name.

イレイザーラモンHG ◆HG/Ok.YX3U

イレイザーラモンHG ★

  ヽ○ノ foooooooooooo!!

Sei!! & foooooooooooo!! is voice out of hard gay's soulful :-)
447 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 14:20:36 ID: mvuHOK0R
I recommend the leader to ANALFUCKo6-san.
I think that he is the person who can trust it.

IZUMI-san was resigned. >>405
TORU-san also recommends ANALFUCKo6-san. >>394

He is very well informed to law.
448 : 434 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 14:27:47 ID: ZqbztX0W
今回 \600- になります
449 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 14:29:57 ID: 1tBUK9gU
hey 434(>448)
please smile
450 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 14:32:36 ID: dw6zfxLr
451 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 14:55:17 ID: mvuHOK0R
Is an important part left to man who assumes that you were a manager and doesn't know well?

An answer
He is a volunteer TORU-san recommended.
I trust TORU-san.

Thing to believe person easily.
This might be dangerous.

Still, I believe its eyes and Jim-san.
The final decision is entrusted to Jim-san.
452 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 15:07:07 ID: U8wT3yjO
I think that it means that IZUMI and TORU demanded it.
You were not able to understand it.

Can you prepare it into you now?

Do you prepare a board accepting a deletion request newly?
Or do you use an existing board?

Do you introduce a deletion method into 鰡?

When is GL of Jim going to be made?
453 : ◆LTA6Wjwq4M [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 15:29:25 ID: dzubM7eM
Dear Jim-san

Do you raise a BBSPINK's volunteer yet?
I want to become it. And I hope to help your work.
I intend to try a duty hard.
If you think me not to deserve to be you Please stop my the deletion account.

454 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/15 (月) 15:30:48 ID: f/kSm2A9
This whole problem is made by some who has cats whispering in their ear.
Deletion script is not the problem it is simple script
and same one or new one can be used. The problem is who are the current deleters.
I don't know the names or contact for these people. Only one person
knows, and they have not shared that informatioin.
Guidelines are simple and have been discussed enough.
I am very happy that we have many volunteers.
Only a few have been corresponding with me by email.
Please be patient. Gomenasai sumi-masen.
455 : GEISHA ◆BB6cfdec1g [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 15:36:03 ID: pfl8xwvU
I like to become a volunteer. Please add me〜☆(^^)
456 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ [sage ] : 2006/08/15 (月) 15:54:10 ID: ???

I take out an email in this address(misaoow3kg at hotmail dot co dot jp)
to you. (jim at 80 dot kg and jim at bbspink dot com)

If you receive it, please write in it at this thread.
457 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:09:08 ID: f/kSm2A9
I am sorry I do not have that email in my eudora.
I have done a complete search including my junk filter.

actually junk is first place I look most of my important mail goes directly to the junk filter.
458 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ [sage ] : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:23:52 ID: ???
>457 jim-san

Let me confirm it.

I took out an email to two addresses. (jim at 80 dot kg and jim at bbspink dot com)

Will neither email arrive?
459 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:30:57 ID: sLd160Tk

I've a question:

What E-mail account did you search at ?

a) jim at bbspink.REMOVEcom
b) jimATMARK80.kg
c) dnsATMARKnttsupport.com

Some says they mailed to b) or c) E-mail account.
460 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:41:14 ID: R/OiKxkB
Dear Jim-san

Please read >>269.
Toru-san said that he sent an email about volunteers.
So, we understood that the information was already sent to you.
If you did not receive the email, it is proper to think that there was a problem in email-line among Toru-san with you .

Toru-san informed you of having sent the email to you by 269.
So (if you did not receive it), you should have taken action and tell it to Toru-san, I think.
Because of there was no action, we misunderstood that you already received the email,and you did not react for it.

If there was failure of simple communication, please begin by restoring it.
461 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:41:25 ID: We2MC62/
I try to transmit a message now, too.
462 : 461 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:43:08 ID: We2MC62/
463 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 16:52:07 ID: ourxs/cq
>Mr. Jim
Please remove my name from your volunteers list for the time being.
Because I didn't apply for a volunteer of BBSPINK,
and at the present time, there is no leader(possibly defendant) who is trustworthy for me.
(I also mean that your guidelines are not enough safe for me to be a deleter)
I'm really sorry that I couldn't help you.
464 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ [sage ] : 2006/08/15 (月) 17:16:52 ID: ???

I sent an email to two addresses once again.

Please confirm it.

Will not a trace, an email from toru-san (>>269) arrive, too?

Do not you do any special setting in eudora?
465 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 17:45:28 ID: 98InsaME
To Jim,
I send Email to you. Please find, read and reply it.
466 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/15 (月) 19:06:19 ID: 6O6V1xt9
Dear Jim-san

I agree with >>460 san.
TO-RU san declared here that he sent mail to Jim-san. You were able to read it. >>269
He believed that it was able to be sent to you. You had the method for the confirmation.
But you nothing but left the problem.
I think that you only had to say to him at that time, "I have not received it".

When seeing from you, TO-RU san or IZUMI san might be dissenters only of inquisitive.
However, they seem always to be making an effort to give necessary information for you and
to talk with you, I think.
I sincerely hope you do the handshake of reconciliation with them.
467 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/16 (火) 01:53:44 ID: TcHHiQ6S
Jim !
Deletion stops.
Trial case, a case manager judged the libel that did not depend on GL before.
I think that there are many requests from the outside of BBSpink.

As for me, a manager thinks the window and a method to want you to prepare immediately.

* Is a request in Japanese possible?

* A method to connect with Jim is necessary in Jim missing an email surely.
469 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/16 (火) 04:29:10 ID: 2/KnyKeR
>>13 those are not my emails
only send to jimATMARKbbspink.com
THen I can keep bbspink mail clear.
I have received ANALFUCKo6
I think that other emails were not sent to my email address.
470 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ [sage ] : 2006/08/16 (火) 04:51:10 ID: ???
>469 Jim-san

I sent an email once again.
( only send to jimATMARKbbspink.com )

Please confirm it.
471 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 : 2006/08/16 (火) 05:30:03 ID: dkxhEJzs
Dear Jim-san.

(In Japanese)



The policy which you showed gives a big impact to many users.
BBSPINK has observed Japanese law under the management of 2ch till now.
Changing based on the US law brings BBSPINK a rapidly big change.
It is not a favorable thing for many users.
A change should be performed step by step.

BBSPINK has another big problem.
It is that there are none of volunteers who help you.
Of course there are some volunteers candidates.
But they can not work because they have no authority.
Jim-san. Do you understand how many volunteers who helps you?
The volunteer of 2ch doesn't help BBSPINK as before.
Please give the indication to the volunteer who helps you.
If they have not authority that is necessary, please give authority to them.

It is a many users hope that BBSPINK becomes a comfortable and pleasant place.
Let's do a necessary thing, step by step.

Best regards.
472 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:07:59 ID: ???
Step by step:
I have decided who the new leader will be.
In the future the official guidelines for deletion will be posted at deleter.bbspink.com
All volunteers need to send email again to del@bbspink.com
this email is now active and will receive volunteer requests.
473 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:10:02 ID: 2/KnyKeR
I am sorry I have not received your email.
474 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:37:41 ID: KdNsj+Ml
To Jim-SAN

There may be a problem for setting of a junk filter of your email.
I think that I had better change your email software, and try receive again.

To All

Perhaps I think that the all of you who sent an email had better retransmit it,
and should confirm that an E-mail reaches Jim-SAN.
475 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:44:18 ID: KdNsj+Ml

(In Japanese)

476 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:51:24 ID: FRLDXHn/
477 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:56:08 ID: KdNsj+Ml


bbspink.com には設定してるんでしょうかね。
478 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 : 2006/08/16 (火) 06:56:13 ID: dkxhEJzs
>>472 Jim-san
I sent mail.

When you update the volunteer list next time,
please put the mark if you received a mail or not.
479 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 07:25:41 ID: 98InsaME
Thank for your notice to receive my Email.
I send Email again since your request>>472 to del@bbspink.com.
Please find, read, put my request into action, and let me know the result.

your>>472, new leader, official guideline posting is noted, thanks.
480 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 : 2006/08/16 (火) 07:55:13 ID: 1UVchUZQ
to Jim-san, This is last chance for us.

We are taking off from 2ch. And, we need new system.

I don't want to confidence for you.
But, I hope that bbspink is a happy place.
Please send me email it's shinobuATMARK2ch.net.
481 : 461 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 08:13:14 ID: We2MC62/
An email of an answer arrived from Jim-san, you at 15:00.
I am very glad!!

482 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/16 (火) 08:22:00 ID: 2/KnyKeR
Please reply
483 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/16 (火) 08:51:08 ID: sSkC32H7
484 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 : 2006/08/16 (火) 09:06:33 ID: 1UVchUZQ

Thank you for your email. I replay now.
Please confirm...
485 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/16 (火) 09:36:57 ID: 2/KnyKeR
Got it, finally we can send email to each other.
486 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ [sage ] : 2006/08/16 (火) 11:18:52 ID: ???
>473 OK Jim-san

If it lends it, it may be late that an email arrives.

I confirm whether an email arrives again tomorrow to you.

I think about another method if an email does not arrive.

Thanking you in advance.

( in japanese)

ok jimさん




487 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 11:37:22 ID: KdNsj+Ml
◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ SAN

You had better send an E-mail from other adress, if you had it.

Probably I think that your email is caught by a junk filter.
488 : ◆yzY8OufLJI [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 11:46:25 ID: yff39+pA
( in japanese)

>487 ◆HORO/D22S2さん


489 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 11:52:30 ID: KdNsj+Ml
( in japanese)



490 : ◆yzY8OufLJI [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 11:58:33 ID: yff39+pA
( in japanese )

>489 ◆HORO/D22S2 さん


491 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 13:45:31 ID: We2MC62/
492 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 13:50:57 ID: SMXXMJua
( in japanese )
「Hello Jim-san.」で届いてますし、返事も貰えてますよー。
493 : ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 14:45:22 ID: HGKGf9AF
koro ◆8j1enTAicYさん
494 : ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 14:57:34 ID: HGKGf9AF
495 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 15:02:52 ID: OOE2ovVJ
Good morning Jim-san.

"Mail Sending Report Thread to Jim-san."

May I make such a thread?
I think that a general person who will contact Jim-san in the future increases.
When Jim-san registers in the favorite, it is glad.

It talks by this thread.
496 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 15:05:45 ID: OOE2ovVJ
( in japanese )
498 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 18:12:21 ID: SMH6AMkf
499 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 18:15:39 ID: 4GZGKSBW 🧦
Thank you,YUME-chan.
I loved you from the past.
500 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/16 (火) 18:45:56 ID: ???
Sorry for the delay. Here is the deletion leader handle.
I have to drive 500 miles, then I will be online again with email.
Thank you Toru and Izumi for your help
and also Analfuck koropink and witch.
You have all really helped me with this decision
and I hope you will support my selection.
501 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 19:08:37 ID: wrwxCS6f
I hope the leader named “Love” doesn't become “Rub”, because I think he or she is Japanese, ha!
502 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 19:15:18 ID: wrwxCS6f
Never hope Love★ does rub all the posts he or she finds.
Is it too hard for him or her?
503 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 19:20:17 ID: 4GZGKSBW
>>500 Jim-san.
Is a leader of deletion LOVE★-san?
I obey decision of JIM-san.

Please be careful about driving.
504 : ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 20:26:32 ID: GMnqTghK
500miles about 800Km ........so long.
505 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [be(912252);] : 2006/08/16 (火) 21:11:31 ID: ???
Jim-san, LOVE-san,

I made a CAP for LOVE-san and I sent its password to LOVE-san via email.

The CAP handle name is LOVE ★
Now LOVE-san can use this all bulletin board servers of bbspink.com,
pie, idol, sakura01, sakura02, and sakura03.

I hope your decision brings good future to us and bbspink.

And unfortunately, today I must have a periodical medical health examination.
As you know, it brings sometimes very hard for my body and soul,
and probably today I will be offline.

506 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/16 (火) 23:57:47 ID: OOE2ovVJ
Dear Jim-san.

Congratulations of the deletion leader on the decision.
I support the decision of Jim-san.

I cooperate.
To LOVE-san and Jim-san and the volunteer.

I today and tomorrow will be offline.
I also leave for the drive.
Good travel for Jim-san.
507 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 02:57:14 ID: c3DLkfzR

508 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ [be(219613872);] : 2006/08/17 (水) 06:36:32 ID: ???

>486 I ask you to confirm an email once again.
A title is this. "It is confirmation of the email transmission of a message future."

In addition, I sent an email to delATMARKbbspink.com.
Please confirm an email of that place.

( in Japanese )



509 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 11:06:15 ID: NQ/FB8KJ
volunteer update
>>366 plus

龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI
yume ◆Yume.xMgf6
ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ
GEISHA ◆BB6cfdec1g

510 : KYO ◆r9SXD074OA [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 11:12:44 ID: 1KBa2JWo
(in Japanese)

Dear Jim-san, LOVE-san
It is KYO that sent mail yesterday.
It wants will support in no small way, and I hope for the volunteer in the future.

My best regards.
511 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 11:56:46 ID: ???
512 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:03:39 ID: ???
Announcement to the volunteers who are on the list >>366 and >>509 above:

Send these to del at bbspink dot com by email from the internet provider.
The leader will receive it.

1. A trip which is on the list Jim made for the volunteers.
2. A trip's password for proving identical.
3. A handle of your cap.
4. A password of your cap.
5. Your age.
6. What kind of volunteer experience in 2ch have you had, if you have done?

Write new trip after you prove your identical if you want to change a trip.

1. リストにあるトリップ
2. トリップパスワード(本人証明)
3. 希望キャップハンドル
4. キャップパスワード
5. 年齢
6. 2ちゃんねるでのボランティア経験

513 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:11:45 ID: G1Im9bty
514 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:15:31 ID: WS+O3Pgw
515 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:16:18 ID: 5hGnSIwY
516 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:23:35 ID: 0zd/rs2u
517 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:24:06 ID: xfUD8JIP


518 : S [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:25:00 ID: GW/iCuka
519 : 453 ◆LTA6Wjwq4M [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:27:05 ID: sXpUIuMj
520 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:27:57 ID: 6Ft9yCfo

521 : KYO ◆r9SXD074OA [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:28:14 ID: 1KBa2JWo

522 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:28:19 ID: xfUD8JIP

523 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:33:46 ID: 10lk64vN

524 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:34:01 ID: G1Im9bty

525 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:35:25 ID: 0zd/rs2u



526 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:37:03 ID: xfUD8JIP
527 : S [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:37:23 ID: GW/iCuka
528 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:41:50 ID: 0zd/rs2u

529 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:43:43 ID: WS+O3Pgw
530 : S [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:45:49 ID: GW/iCuka
531 : ◆NerINe83fk [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:47:15 ID: ZqW6kE6L
533 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:48:54 ID: 10lk64vN
534 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 12:51:51 ID: ZqW6kE6L 🧦
535 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:00:22 ID: 6OditJSI
536 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:06:58 ID: SMH6AMkf
537 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:15:40 ID: 6OditJSI
538 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:19:17 ID: 94MZOLY+
539 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:23:51 ID: EoPayksi
540 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:23:58 ID: 0jNuovZ/
541 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:30:18 ID: z1VW3nvp
>>509はLOVE ★さんです。
542 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:36:54 ID: 6OditJSI
543 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:38:17 ID: EoPayksi
545 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:43:02 ID: z1VW3nvp


546 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 13:49:41 ID: EoPayksi
547 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:00:33 ID: 0zd/rs2u

548 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:10:38 ID: EoPayksi
549 : Techcs Farzenbarg ◆TECHCS.zfQ [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:14:51 ID: IvaAnuhC
550 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:23:27 ID: 0zd/rs2u
551 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:28:26 ID: 9CtYScLE
Dear Jim-san

I sent greetings email to Jim-san.
Date: 17 2,006 Thu, Aug 23:03:02 +0,900s
X-Mailer-Plugin: BkASPil for Becky!2 Ver.2.055

Did my email arrive?
552 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:28:26 ID: JU7N6u7z
553 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:36:56 ID: 8RAhQL6/
Dear Jim-san,LOVE★san

Congratulations on decision of the deletion leader.
I hope bbspink will become more and more pleasant.
By the way,I have some questions about >>512.

In >>155,Jim-san said "If there is personal information it will be kept in the USA, and only I will have access to it".
Now,LOVE★-san said the leader will receive e-mail from volunteers.
Does it mean that you will share the informatioin after this?
(I think that a e-mail address is one of the personal information. If it is my misunderstanding, please forgive me.)

In >>512,LOVE★-san said "Announcement to the volunteers who are on the list >>366 and >>509 above".
Does it mean LOVE★-san manages not only Deleters but also all volunteers?
(I think that LOVE★-san is the deletion leader,so LOVE★-san manages only Deleters.)

If I have misunderstand, please correct it.
I'll be glad to receive your reply.

My best regards.
554 : ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 14:57:39 ID: 6Or+eojv

LOVE ★さん


555 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 15:12:09 ID: ???



556 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 15:22:50 ID: qmw2XvE6

559 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 15:42:14 ID: lARSqVJA
560 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 15:45:32 ID: ???
volunteer update
>>366 plus

龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI
yume ◆Yume.xMgf6
ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ
GEISHA ◆BB6cfdec1g
561 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 15:50:08 ID: 3zRgCxSl
562 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 15:55:27 ID: wK67DmG0
563 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:04:57 ID: xTOrftAs
LOVE ★さん

(このスレに書き込む事が volunteer list 登録の条件だと思って


I want to participate as a volunteer of BBSPINK.
Is it possible from now?
564 : ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:14:57 ID: ???
>511-512 LOVE ★さん

はじめまして。 ◆yzY8OufLJI @ピンクなSE ★と申します。

>512 の募集メールの件で1点質問があります。

LOVE ★さんは日本語が出来るようですが、鯔募集メールは

あと、>508 の

565 : ◆a8X6FCQ6Jc @ピンクなSE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:18:04 ID: ???

あと、提案なのですが、LOVE ★さんとデリーター鯔同士のやり取りについては

☆ 連絡&報告 7 ☆


お願いできますか? >LOVE ★さん
566 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:37:54 ID: s0417OBX
567 : ◆vXH7INRisE [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:38:44 ID: s0417OBX
568 : ◆BladeyqILk [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:45:36 ID: tBeCuKOs
569 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:46:56 ID: ???
volunteer update
>>366 plus

龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI
yume ◆Yume.xMgf6
ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ
GEISHA ◆BB6cfdec1g

>>512に関する以降のメールsubjectは "GIVE ME A CAP" でお願い致します。


これ以降のレスは >>544のスレで、
570 : ◆1RAGONOmfc [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:47:02 ID: tBeCuKOs
571 : イレイザーラモンHG ★ [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:51:27 ID: ???
572 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:52:58 ID: kpGetV5R
573 : イレイザーラモンHG ★ [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 16:56:39 ID: ???
574 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 17:18:51 ID: wVkRJxvX

26 名前:ひろゆき@どうやら管理人 ★[] 投稿日:2006/08/18(金) 02:04:57 ID:???0 ?DIA(30607)


19 名前: ◆Reffiz2Zh. [sage] 投稿日:2006/08/05(土) 20:51:57 ID:2iXVvbFE



575 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 17:45:34 ID: Ury0PMfp


26 name:Hiroyuki 投稿日:2006/08/18(金) 02:04:57 ID:???0 ?DIA(30607)

It is unreasonable that 2ch users become victim to the bbspink ISP regulation.

So you can unlock anytime you want.

If bbspink has its own system that can inform ISP and unlock,
I might have another idea.
but if it doesn't have, bbspink can not have any reason which it can regulate 2ch users.


19 名前: ◆Reffiz2Zh. [sage] 投稿日:2006/08/05(土) 20:51:57 ID:2iXVvbFE

There are some matters which should be regulated, but we can not inform ISP yet.

So could someone let Jim know;

on 2ch, volunteers are informing ISP

I have the leader of informers, and Hiroyuki gives me the permission of unlocking, and I unlock ISP locking.

Can volunteers do the same thing on bbspink?

Can I do the same thing on bbspink?

If Jim give us the permission, it's going to be normal.

Some ISP say that information should come from bbspink.
so please give us the answer ASAP.
576 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 17:47:58 ID: ???
>>553 1)
From Jim-san

if they have problem with it. tell them to send email to me directly.
577 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/17 (水) 17:57:37 ID: rA/QntkT
>LOVE ★さん
578 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 @TORU ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 19:22:35 ID: ???
LOVE-san, May I confirm one?

Jim-san promised to us,
"only I will have access to personal information" at folow.
Did he permit for you to have volunteer's information?

I think that he and Japanese leader should jointly manage it.
Therefore, I welcome decision of Jim-san.

You will be able to play at once if Jim-san or you answer this.
579 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/17 (水) 19:36:24 ID: fthnNtrt
創価学会は日本の大手メディアを間接支配していて、 社民党は朝鮮総連とともに拉致の存在を否定し、被害者の活動を妨害した。
今後は『人権擁護法案』成立を契機に公明党は民主党に鞍替えして連立し、 実質外国人与党が誕生して第二期工作の完結となるのが彼らの筋書きである。 (今、実際にそのように動きつつある)
http://hisazin-up.dyndns.org/up/src/14540.wmv 在日特権の真相にせまる21.68MiB
580 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/17 (水) 21:20:31 ID: ???
Yes, he permitted that I can see all information reaching to del@, but others are not.
So, if you have any problem, send directly to Jim.
581 : ◆ZFz/q7JaS6 : 2006/08/17 (水) 23:18:29 ID: wTgcxxto
>580 :LOVE ★さん
582 : 龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI : 2006/08/18 (木) 00:05:13 ID: TO0oZNDy
Dear Jim-san,LOVE★san

I sent email to Jim-san. LOVE★san
Did my email arrive?
Please confirm an email of that place.

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 9:01 AM
Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
583 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 01:02:28 ID: qHaeGVeN
I sent a mail. plz chk.

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 02:55:05 +0900
584 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 01:18:26 ID: s0417OBX
me too.
I sent e-mail to Jim-san by a sentence of >>576.

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 09:49:53 +0900
585 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/18 (木) 05:03:26 ID: qIbyRziA
I received yours. I did not receive
>>583 or >>582
Please check your outbox.
586 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/18 (木) 05:07:04 ID: ???
>>575 Lets try as usual as it was before. If there is reason to change
the old ISP regulation from 2ch then we can discuss it here.
For the time being I don't see a reason to change the current
Lets talk about it again next week.
587 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 05:20:34 ID: wVkRJxvX
2 彼らにBBSPINKでも2chと同様の活動(ISPへの報告/規制の解除)を許可して下さい。

Since 2ch and BBSPINK are "another" BBS and the volunteer of 2ch cannot report to ISP in the name of BBSPINK, "current system" is not working.
Please permit them the same activity (report to ISP /Release of regulation) as 2ch also by BBSPINK.
588 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/18 (木) 05:25:37 ID: qIbyRziA
Maybe I am not understanding this reporting system. Can someone please explain it to me?
589 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 05:37:43 ID: wVkRJxvX
When those who engaged in disruptive behavior obstinately at BBS are

1. Volunteers report to ISP.
2. ISP copes with warning etc. to a user.
3. Receive mail of the completion of correspondence from ISP.
4. Work deregulation.

There is also a place which does not correspond depending on ISP if it is not the report from the management persons concerned.



590 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ [be(2462393);] : 2006/08/18 (木) 06:00:39 ID: ???
Jim-san, ALL:

I received email from Jim-san about CAP management.
And I will teach Jim-san how to manage CAP handles at bbspink later.
I think I can allocate the time for it tonight.

Jim-san, if you approve it, you can teach it to LOVE-san.

591 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 06:21:29 ID: wVkRJxvX
The system of regulation is common to 2ch and BBSPINK.
The volunteer of 2ch can deregulate.

1. It cannot report in the name of BBSPINK.
2. There is no permission which cancels regulation of BBSPINK.

For this reason, it is "being unable to work, although it can do."

They have expressed the report to ISP about regulation of BBSPINK, and the will which performs deregulation.
In order to obtain their help, please say to them, "Help."




592 : 龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI : 2006/08/18 (木) 08:48:04 ID: TO0oZNDy

I sent an email once again >>582
Did my email arrive?
Please confirm an email of that place.

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 5:47 PM
Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
593 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 09:12:50 ID: qHaeGVeN
>>585 Jim-san

I sent mail again. 2nd try.
I hope my mail arrive to you.

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 18:05:21 +0900
594 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 09:59:35 ID: ???
I received those.
595 : 龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 10:02:00 ID: TO0oZNDy
LOVE ★さんには届いたようで安心しました。
596 : ぽぅ◇/zZzZz/POE ◆NCC3/CRAZY [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 12:01:14 ID: slUQxAaS

This is 3rd try.
Thank you.

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Fri, 18 Aug 2006 20:57
597 : ぽぅ ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 12:03:31 ID: slUQxAaS
599 : Techcs Farzenbarg ◆TECHCS.zfQ [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 12:22:03 ID: uCFMnuDJ

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 21:15:47 +0900
600 : ぽぅ ◆/zZzZz/POE [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 15:27:09 ID: fA6SENTH
601 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 16:37:31 ID: nkIUtRlh
Thanks for recognizing me as a volunteer.

I'm sorry that it becomes slow to transmit an email.
I send e-mail to del@ now
Please confirm it later.

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 01:16:49 +0900

 *send ◆HORO/Lmzew trip asss
602 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 16:43:10 ID: 93p90iBB

It's NEW!!
Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 19:14:26 +0900
603 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/18 (木) 17:14:19 ID: ???
I can make CAP now. I will start making them.
CAP will be made for people that LOVE ★
requests me to make for, and for people I know and trust.
604 : うふーん [うふーん] : うふーん ID: DELETED
605 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 17:44:53 ID: nkIUtRlh
(in japanese)

LOVE ★さん


606 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 18:00:26 ID: oZfuTtWI
>>604 LOVE ★ さん
> This means the leader can see information of the volunteers.
> So, we have to adopt only people who allow the leaders to see their information.
> Though we are very sorry about it, there is no help for it for now.

I can't understand the meaning that you said.
Because you have already seen volunteer's personal data by email.
>>578, >>580
607 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 18:41:12 ID: ???
Announcement to the volunteers:

Thank you for sending the application for the volunteer.
We have now enough number of the volunteers for the first stage recruitment.
We are going to close accepting an email for "GIVE ME A CAP" after 48 hours from now.
We adopt only people who allow the leaders to see their information.

All the applicants who sent to del@ will receive some information in a few days by email.
Please wait for it.

今から48時間以内に、"GIVE ME A CAP"メールの受付を終了致します。

608 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 18:52:29 ID: ???
609 : ◆HORO/D22S2 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 18:57:26 ID: nkIUtRlh
610 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 19:07:03 ID: 93p90iBB 🧦
>>608>LOVE ★さん
611 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 19:46:56 ID: oZfuTtWI
>>608 LOVE ★-san
You announced send mail to del@ at >>512.
You can see volunteer's information,
because the del@ do delivery to both of Jim-san and LOVE-san.
Isn't it?
612 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 20:31:06 ID: AaVEXaDH

A trip for the personal certification
613 : ありす ◆Alice7XIII [sage] : 2006/08/18 (木) 20:38:55 ID: AaVEXaDH
612のメールはDate: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 05:34:27 +0900に送信しました。
614 : ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ [sage] : 2006/08/19 (金) 02:58:58 ID: iWx7m071
Dear JIm-san and LOVE-san

I sent email to Jim-san. LOVE-san.

Sent: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 11:40:35 +0900
Subject: GIVE ME A CAP

My trip-pass is all Fullsize-kana.
615 : ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ [sage] : 2006/08/19 (金) 03:18:42 ID: iWx7m071
616 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/19 (金) 09:26:11 ID: oHiXAqFt
788 : ◆MISAOOw3kg :2006/08/19(土) 18:05:53 ID:rz0Qtg2J0

617 : ◆SELEN/.zg6 [age] : 2006/08/19 (金) 12:51:31 ID: 6X3VGzx1
Hello, Mr.Jim

I participate in a volunteer.
As one person who loves BBSPINK.
618 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/19 (金) 12:56:52 ID: ???
volunteer update
>>366 plus

龍翔 ◆RYU22yoiDI
yume ◆Yume.xMgf6
ひまゆき ◆3HioLDbjnQ
GEISHA ◆BB6cfdec1g
619 : ◆BAbRtbZaMA [sage] : 2006/08/20 (土) 17:46:07 ID: i5n6XpnK

I'd like to be a volunteer.(if possible, I'd like to be DELETER)
Detail is below:

Subject: GIVE ME A CAP
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 02:26:16 +0900
620 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/20 (土) 22:22:50 ID: ???
We are sorry, but we do not add your name this time.
It is because I do not see your handle in this board, and your email was a free email address.
We will recruit the second stage soon.
Please wait until then.
621 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/20 (土) 22:25:52 ID: ???
Announcement about the first stage of recruitment:

It is time to close the first stage recruitment now.
Thank you for sending email.
We start now.
622 : ◆BAbRtbZaMA [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 09:27:59 ID: NvnfiBFv
623 : ひろゆき ★ : 2006/08/21 (日) 12:02:37 ID: ???
Jim, I sent you a mail about a problem.
If it doesn't be solved, I can't help bbspink officially.
624 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 12:23:54 ID: du5rj2f0
Commemoration Bccomi
625 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 16:01:31 ID: mS/cMJDR
A problem? or Some problems?
626 : ひろゆき ★ : 2006/08/21 (日) 16:13:58 ID: ???
A problem makes problems.
627 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 16:19:04 ID: HiOGSLNS
628 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 16:21:20 ID: Z8ogXciw
629 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 16:23:21 ID: pEevGHpw
630 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 16:47:10 ID: mS/cMJDR
631 : Deleted : 2006/08/24 (水) 15:48:10

632 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:18:13 ID: VzLDT9j6
633 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:19:23 ID: Z8ogXciw
634 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:20:22 ID: KN5tpV0U
* done *
635 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:21:08 ID: HPE/7br6
636 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:23:47 ID: K0WYEDEc
Would you tell us a little in detail?
637 : ξ=∂ヮ∂=ξやまオニイサマ☆ ◆7KBbCCGQs. [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:26:58 ID: c8AqvMer
       _,..-――-:..、    ⌒⌒
     /.:;;;;>>631;;;;;::.\      ^^
    / .::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::..ヽ
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
      ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::      ξ ::;;;;;;;;:ξ
        ::::::::::::        /⌒`'''''''''''^ヽ
               /⌒ヾ/ / .,;;;;;;:/.:;|
-―'――ー'''‐'ー'''―‐'―''''\,./ / .::;;;;;;:/‐'| :;|'''ー'-''――'`'
 ,, ''''  `、 `´'、、,   '''_ソ / `:;;::::ノ,,, | :;| '''  、、,
    ,,,   ''  ,,   ''''' ξ_ノ丶ー'ー< ,ゝ__> '''''  ,,,,
 ,,     ,,,,     ''' ,   ::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::::::  ,,
            ,,,,,,,     :::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;:::::::::      ''
,, '''''''      ,,,,       ,,    :::::::::::::;;;;;;;;::::::

The evening sun sinks today.
However, it becomes a morning sun and it will come back tomorrow.

That's the way the cookie crumbles...Dear Jim
638 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 17:33:01 ID: 5IKfULSV
639 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/21 (日) 18:41:11 ID: PWjLI5/Z
Deletion script has security problem. It is temporary disabled until I find the solution. probably within 24-36 hours.
when it is fixed, then I will delete >>630
sorry for the inconvenience.
640 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/21 (日) 18:42:24 ID: pjwPBxPN
641 : ◆ANALFUCKo6 @肛門性交 ★ [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:04:06 ID: ???
ありす ◆Alice7XIII とhalc/cyan ◆duswpnLeMU の二人。



> 「海王さんから"PINKでANALって責任者をやってるんだけどこっちで削除屋やらないか? 2ちゃんねるの削除屋は
> **とか**とかしかいないんだよ"という(以下略)」

642 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:07:01 ID: 5IKfULSV
644 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:08:36 ID: 5IKfULSV

Is it >>630? Is it a mistake in >>631?
645 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:10:47 ID: H83FNkA7
>>644 it is mistake
I meant >>631
646 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:13:16 ID: umrohHTY
Why don't you play one of the video game 'Don Doko Don'? (by TAITO corp.)
In that game, player2 is named 'Jim'.
I think it is just for you.
647 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:15:49 ID: H83FNkA7
I am pretty good at minesweeper, that is about my limit of games.
649 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:31:04 ID: r5acRQfO

The reputation of AF★ and L★ is very bad.
There is only a bad reputation. Language usage is very rude and dirty.
Moreover, their attitude is very bad.
Furthermore, an important question escapes, without answering.
I cannot think two leaders at all.
650 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 19:47:53 ID: 5IKfULSV
Other volunteers' personal information was contributed.
◆ANALFUCKo6 @肛門性交 ★ performed this post.
I think that it is dangerous for other volunteers that he continues activity as a volunteer.
Please declare prohibition of the activity as his formal volunteer, and deprivation of CAP.
Please delete this report.


この投稿を行ったのは◆ANALFUCKo6 @肛門性交 ★です。
651 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/21 (日) 20:30:23 ID: g16zyQWQ
653 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 06:18:08 ID: PWjLI5/Z
I have read the post. I don't see any telephone numbers, street address or real names.
It is not polite and embarrassing but not fits the deletion guidelines.
I hope that the poster will not do it in the future.
654 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 07:08:58 ID: fYGr6H+n
655 : 名無し編集部員 [age] : 2006/08/22 (月) 07:12:06 ID: l1nGLwLp 🧦
656 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 07:24:45 ID: 3QZTZPuf

657 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 07:44:27 ID: r5acRQfO
>>604のLOVE ★氏の
> 私達は、現在のシステムにおいてアカウント追加機能と
> その他のメンテナンス機能の入り口が同じであることがわかりました。
> これは、リーダーがボランティアの個人情報を見られることを意味します。

> 今から48時間後に、GIVE ME A CAPメールの受付を終了致します。
658 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 07:50:38 ID: l1nGLwLp 🧦

659 : ◆uRW6KoTaRo [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 08:01:57 ID: QdrMRkDQ
660 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 08:14:24 ID: E4G90EB8
661 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 08:21:34 ID: vITVX7Oj
◆ANALFUCKo6 @肛門性交 ★はスレ上であのボランティアは、2chのあのボランティアと言って、

662 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/22 (月) 09:31:30 ID: 6J51FAi4
663 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 09:52:27 ID: l1nGLwLp 🧦

664 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 09:54:14 ID: vqCkZzLG
to jim

665 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 09:57:24 ID: 59AYlUEG
666 : ◆IZUMIXFK1. [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 10:08:18 ID: l1nGLwLp


667 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 10:22:45 ID: QAaM85om
668 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 10:26:21 ID: l1nGLwLp 🧦
669 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/22 (月) 11:38:05 ID: koXqC8WK
670 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/22 (月) 14:04:31 ID: GJ/CQNvv

671 : 名無し編集部員 [age] : 2006/08/22 (月) 14:24:08 ID: r5acRQfO
>>669 SAY.

A problem is not a thing due to ◆ANALFUCKo6 and ◆love love.
The first big cause is because you are stupid.
You should reflect seriously.
Please talk with a person of a volunteer.
672 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 14:47:47 ID: jt/UxDv9
673 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 14:55:27 ID: UXd+VkIX
>>672 says...

Stupid. This thread is filled with madness. X-(
674 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 15:00:13 ID: iQMbp6b6
Seems like NOBODY really wants to discuss with Jim...
675 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 15:45:17 ID: QXj7J2hm

676 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 16:56:21 ID: jPQNtkoR
Spiritual advice from the Black eyed peas:
"If u touch it Ima start some drama
You don't want no drama
No no drama no no no no drama "
677 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 16:59:59 ID: jPQNtkoR
Everyone says everyone else is stupid. That is ok. We are all stupid.
All the blood goes to our hard dicks and we can not think clearly.
So don't take thing so serious, everyone is safe and we can enjoy our
エロ life together.
678 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:08:46 ID: iUckdjlZ
Dear Jim-san.
Has my recent E-mail received?

Please do not give ANALFUCKo6-san the authority of the adjuster.
It is not preferable to concentrate the authority on one person.
It is thought that it wants you to endeavor in another thing for ANALFUCKo6-san.

Your friend

679 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:12:09 ID: VO0w+x5Q
Dear Jim-san,

There is an important suggestion.

You or LOVE were permitted various authority to ◆ANALFUCKo6,
but he uses it for himself dogmatically.

It is a very important problem, if you gave him authority of handleCAP setting.
It means volunteer's information leaked out.

◆ANALFUCKo6 has received the criticism from many users by current speech and behavior.
It is very dangerous to entrust an important authority,
to the person to exercise wrong authority.
Please deal with it, immediately.





681 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:21:31 ID: VO0w+x5Q
>>677 Jim-san

> So don't take thing so serious, everyone is safe and we can enjoy our
> エロ life together.

We are very serious, because BBSPINK changes into dangerous.
682 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:24:40 ID: XdJigyZN
Dear Jim-san

I like your way of thinking to live happily.
I think all all of us are stupid,too.
But I am very sorry that I cannot believe "everyone is safe".
I hope BBSPINK becomes a happy place.
683 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:25:19 ID: hJdqoSDo
684 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:25:23 ID: U4pZ10OF
685 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:26:46 ID: HjlAcj8p
>>677 Jim

What? Everyone is safe!?

No kidding!! What grounds do you have for saying such a thing?
The staff whom you chose already lost trust of a BBS-PINK user.
You look unconcerned.
686 : LOVE ★ : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:32:38 ID: ???
Announcement to the volunteer:

See email.

He never have access to the personal information of the volunteers, and he cannot touch to set a cap.
688 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:39:29 ID: jPQNtkoR
Not dangerous. It has become even safer these last to days.
Only people are talking about dangerous because they want DRAMA.
I don't want drama.
Drama belongs on 2ch, and エロ belongs on bbspink.
My choice of leader was well thought out, and I am certain that LOVE
is good and kind and very very smart.
689 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:39:42 ID: gi/nqRH4
It is the very disappointing situation now.
There were the people who were going to talk with Jim seriously.
How did Jim treat the people in the past?
Jim gathered only assenters.
And what kind of character are a leader and the GL-creator whom Jim decided arbitrarily?

I think these present conditions to be no help for it as far as there is it.
It's a very Nonsense foolish!!
A feeling to make an English sentence does not happen!!!
690 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:47:52 ID: 4DYp+qNY
691 : koro ◆8j1enTAicY [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 17:56:55 ID: iUckdjlZ

mistake? >>680 not >>681?
692 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 18:08:40 ID: gi/nqRH4 🧦

"I think not dangerous."

Most people do not think so.
If there is it, it is Jim-san and LOVE★ and ◆ANALFUCKo6.


693 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 18:09:23 ID: HjlAcj8p
So that we may enjoy エロ, eliminate an incapable staff.
Stupid is necessary, but we don't want incapacity.
694 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 18:27:25 ID: jPQNtkoR
I wish you were not dissapointed Witch.
That is a quote from a very erotic song.
The song sings about the perfection of a womens hips.
and the wonderful things she receives because of them.
There is no danger in looking at those beautiful hips.
Just she is upset and will start trouble if her beautiful hips are touched.
You can look but don't touch.
This is my current advice.
I wish people would stop complaining so much. Freedom of thought is at stake, and our servers are secure, and your posts remain intact.
696 : 228 ◆SSuTDMeFzQ @PINK JOKER ★ : 2006/08/22 (月) 18:43:05 ID: ???
>>686 LOVE ★-sann
I confirmed it about the mail.

It was far contents in the content that I expected.
I intend to stop waiting more than this.

Please stop my CAP.
And please erase all information about me whom you have entirely.

Separately from this, I intend to send an email.


I am sorry.
697 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 18:48:18 ID: jPQNtkoR
that is already old news.
Whats new?
698 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 18:58:53 ID: HjlAcj8p
Are you enjoying that you talk to yourself?
699 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 19:00:40 ID: gi/nqRH4 🧦
Oh my god!!

Do you understand why many people resigns as you?
700 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 19:22:52 ID: jPQNtkoR
Witch, that email was posted by the sender because he thought he could not contact me. It did not come out of my email box.
I like you Witch, please don't be a bitch.
701 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 19:27:25 ID: z+a5sPkO
It seems that the number of the reply place has shifted since the data of >>604 was deleted.
Is this thread seen using "Firefox" and "bbs2 chreader add-on"?
Supposing you become so, please re-acquire by the following operations.

1.This thread is chosen by thread list.

2.A mouse is right-clicked and "ログの削除(delete this Tread Log)" which is at the bottom of a menu is chosen.
3.By thread list, this thread is chosen and data is resaved.

Now, the number of a reply place could be specified correctly.

Firefoxとbbs2chreader add-onを使って、このスレッドを見ていますか?

2.マウスを右クリックして、メニューの一番下にある「ログの削除(delete this Tread Log)」を選択

702 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 19:27:55 ID: w2ohWNM+
Dear Jim-san

ANALFUCKo6-san said that ANALFUCKo6-san was the same as the deletion person that caused a problem in 2ch.
It was judged to be inappropriate in 2ch him, and, as for him, it was deprived of deletion authority.

He can do a setting change besides deletion, too.
As for him, we had a problem for a setting change.
His action is not improved.
A person of a circumference is disgusted by uneasiness in having most.

It leads to distrust that leader and Jim continue adopting.
Please think about the reason why a volunteer applicant expresses refusal in Jim, the present time.

Do not you perform a vote of confidence of ANALFUCKo6-san to know Jim, will of many people?
It is very democratic and will become a help to protect freedom of thought.
703 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 19:56:46 ID: xLtw3TaG
Thank you for the advice
704 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:01:45 ID: gi/nqRH4
A number of gym -san seems to slip off one by one somehow or other.
What number is this?
It is 703 with my machine.

In other words an anchor of the sentence slips off, too.

705 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:02:55 ID: gi/nqRH4 🧦
sorry, it is 705.
706 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:06:11 ID: XaWmaH8P

In this situation a volunteer is exterminated.
Please have a sense of impending crisis.
Please please believe our words.

For beloved BBS PINK.
707 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:12:29 ID: HjlAcj8p
We're surrounded by the ghost that was born in 2ch.
I was so afraid I couldn't erect.
Oh Jim! Please tell ANALFUCK beside me to be quiet.
He can do only watersports in here. It's only it.
An ambulance for ANALFUCK, please!
Otherwise I can't jack off in peace.
708 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:16:13 ID: gi/nqRH4
My >>689 sentences was misunderstood.
By a gap of a number.

709 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:26:56 ID: xLtw3TaG
Analfuck does not have access to passwords.
Analfuck will stay on as a deleter. I know some of you don't like him,
but I will defend you too when it is your turn to be the target of everyones anger.
If Analfuck makes problem deleting then he will no longer be a deleter.
Has he deleted something that should not have been deleted?
that is my only concern.
I hope that you understand even if you hate what he says he has
a right to say it.
I hate to look at other guys penis, but I won't stop them from uploading or posting them.
Please understand this position.
If the law in Japan is really getting so dangerous, then it is important
to keep BBSPINK on because you and your countryman will lose
your right to freedom of speach. I intend to keep this bbs open for that reason.
Sorry if I have pissed off anyone.
After Fox has assured me things are secure again, then deletion
can start. Not UNTIL THEN!
710 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:35:25 ID: pUVOxAjY
May you lose a large number of volunteers to protect one volunteer?
711 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:39:21 ID: z+a5sPkO
>>709 Jim-san
The method of checking which volunteers of 2ch two volunteers are was exhibited by the utterance of Analfuck.
Even if Jim did not offer information, it became possible to specify two volunteers.

How do you protect these two volunteers' safety?


712 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:45:10 ID: HjlAcj8p
Gentle Jim is used by a crazy power ideologist.
It's really deplorable.
713 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 20:59:21 ID: pUVOxAjY
It is not a big problem who deleted a responsee without obeying a guideline
Because it is a small problem, it can be settled immediately.

However, it will be a problem that erase a person from bbspink.
Some of a deletier already left bbspink.

I think that it is trust that you are going to lose., too.

Please reconsider the thing which you must really follow once again.
714 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 21:20:35 ID: f+xqqpp0
You must not believe only ANALFUCK.
He is Darth Vader.

Conscience of a person is a chessman for him.
He takes a fictional enemy to you.
A lot of people were deceived by him.
By the same trick, a lot of people were deceived by him.

He uses a famous bulletin board like one's private properties
and wants to be proud to a friend and people.

He uses a system of a famous bulletin board like private properties.
He wants his friend and people to worship him. It is his true purpose.

A vicious fraud clown like him is very rare.
Your PINKBBS is his next game.
715 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 21:41:00 ID: arRPTy5B


716 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/22 (月) 23:24:43 ID: AWNjrTW5

Many user doesn't want drama on BBSPINK. And Jim don't want drama, too.
But ANALFUCK want drama.

It's a story that builds ANALFUCK kingdom. Of course the hero of the story is himself.
Once he was going to do it on 2ch. Therefore he was expelled from 2ch by ひろゆき.
he commits any kind of evil deed so that he write his story.
He thinks nothing of tell a lie and he is hurting others.

He's going to do the same thing on here.
In fact, he told a lie.
◆MHR..5msk. pointed out his lie.
◆MHR..5msk. was his watchman on 2ch.

We feel anxiety about him. We simply can't keep up with him.
I don't want to be implicated us in his crime.
717 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 00:17:24 ID: jPQNtkoR
Guys, I understand your position. It scares me more than your feelings for Analfuck. Best way to get rid of Analfuck is to stop talking about him.
Your position is the kind that has not been seen in the world since the 1930s and it is so scary. Please think about my simple words.
After Analfuck who will be next. The other day Everyone hated TORU.
Now Analfuck. I am not taking sides. Talk it out with Analfuck.
Or your next victim.
I really wish we could have anoter AA contest on this board today just to finish it off and start fresh with 3
Sorry about the firefox thing. It is convenient for me, but I see that the numbers don't match up.
718 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 00:34:01 ID: arRPTy5B
you misunderstand it.
and, you lose trust from majority users.
719 : ◆IZUMI162i6 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 00:45:01 ID: aYE0tthk
Have you seen the message that support in ANALFUCK-san?

I have not seen the message of agreeing to his behavior up to now.
Is there a person who agrees to him excluding you?
720 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 00:46:45 ID: XdJigyZN
Dear Jim-san

I wonder who hate TORU-san.
A lot of people said "please trust TORU-san & IZUMI-san" to you in this thread.
Who is it that did not agree to it?
Was not it you?
721 : 単なる”削除”依頼人 ◆DeleterXCk [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 00:48:36 ID: jyspSEXX
722 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 00:54:23 ID: z+a5sPkO
723 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:03:45 ID: arRPTy5B
724 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:05:01 ID: f+xqqpp0
725 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:13:17 ID: jPQNtkoR
I think this might be a misunderstanding. You are right.
However the way you are talking to me has opposite affect that you intend.
It only makes me angry. Please don't do that.
I have stated I am not taking sides in this.
It is conversation, and it is getting old conversation.
Please change the fucking subject.
Pushing on me is like pushing on a Judo master. They use your weight
against you and you lose.
So please just stop it.
726 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:18:51 ID: gi/nqRH4
>>725said JPN


727 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:21:29 ID: Pbjd6BH3
Good by bbspink!!
728 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:22:54 ID: z+a5sPkO
>>725 Jim-san
May I correct all the notations aged 21 and over left behind in BBSPINK to aged 18 and over?

729 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:29:00 ID: Ehnp7IHo
Christ! you know it ain't easy
You know how hard it can be
730 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:31:21 ID: jPQNtkoR
Dear Witch
Please correct for me, if you send it in attachment I can do it better.
.txt attachment would be good. Last time you sent to me the text was broken.
domo wazawaza sumi-masen.
732 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:37:04 ID: arRPTy5B

your way makes angry users.
you not qualified to be a administrator.
733 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:47:32 ID: gi/nqRH4
Is a format all right in UTF-8?

In addition, a one volunteer is left.
A reason to quit seems to be because ◆ANALFUCK leaked HN.
734 : 単なる”削除”依頼人 ◆DeleterXCk [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:50:35 ID: jyspSEXX

Jim, why did you think you employed ◆ANALFUCKo6 and LOVE ★ ?
There are many volunteers who cannot trust them any more.
735 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:53:38 ID: gi/nqRH4
736 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 01:54:46 ID: gi/nqRH4
737 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:00:00 ID: jPQNtkoR
will work fine.
please send as attachment
738 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:07:07 ID: jPQNtkoR
I have heard that HIV is a growing problem in Japan.
It might be useful if we made a board discussing it.
Not in a clinical way but there are many reasons for such a board.
The people with HIV still want to have sex, the people without HIV
want to know how they can have sex and minimize their risk of getting it.
I am not sure but I am guessing that it might be important for such
a board to exist.
739 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:11:04 ID: gi/nqRH4
>>737 >Jim-san
I sent an email.
740 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:12:26 ID: 8i+ZYdb/
>>737 Welldone!

I'm Japanese, but sometimes I can't read the web. Because of charset.
Most of document use shift jis - "jis" means Japanese Industrial Standard.
You may use the shift jis as standart, and if you can't read the text, cange the charset.
742 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:16:22 ID: z+a5sPkO
>> Jim-san
Please do not miss the important post in many posts.
Although this thread has many posts which ask for your permission, they are forgotten being unable to obtain an answer.
It will be an affair which can be performed if you say "ok.Please."
If you please, please give required directions to those posts.

p.s Does correction of a deletion script require time?

あなたが「ok. Please.」と言えば、実行できるような件です。

p.s 削除スクリプトの修正は時間がかかりますか?
743 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:23:13 ID: jPQNtkoR
Thanks Mumumu
You must be right, we could start it as a thread then if nobody is interested, it would just die off and go away.
744 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:32:12 ID: mjWR55Hu
Thank you for your res.

As I know, you are quitely noble-minded guy.
But I think more practical actions sometimes may be needed.
745 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 02:32:51 ID: gi/nqRH4
I sent an email again.
746 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 03:20:03 ID: gi/nqRH4
I heard that it was Jim-san that allowed to delete >>604 in a thread of here.
Would Jim-san approve deletion?
Do you remember it?
747 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 04:54:00 ID: pUVOxAjY
TO Jim san

I understand that I feel that you dislike TORU.
But I do not take the opinion that TORU was disliked be here.
Do you choose a person by one's likes and dislikes?
Other people can see it so.

Where of this is equitableness?
Who expects such an administration from a manager of bbs that opened in the world?

You contradict the premise that is partial to nobody.

And you make somebody favor by your likes and dislikes after all.
I cannot trust the words that you are not partial to.

To TORU san
You insisted on a copyright and had better take over a delete script.
With the script which 2ch offers.
748 : 単なる”削除”依頼人 ◆DeleterXCk [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 06:19:13 ID: qhTP3IXq


In 2ch, ◆ANALFUCKo6 was known to ◆POSEIDONgg, and was one of deleters.
He often got into trouble and had a quarrel with user, therefore he was not quite trusted.
Last year he got into a serious trouble (dispute on a deleting transaction with other volunteer),
as a result he was removed from the volunteer.

Did you know this fact, Jim ?
If you know, why did you appoint such a person as a volunteer ?
I cannot understand you.
749 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/23 (火) 06:53:39 ID: jPQNtkoR
I like Toru. No problem at all. Just I have seen posts of people that don't like Toru, and I ignore them. It was used as an example.
750 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 07:06:18 ID: Vpik64QK
>>749 Jim
Time is already late
You took the wrong judgment
751 : 単なる”削除”依頼人 ◆DeleterXCk [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 07:55:47 ID: qhTP3IXq
Reading Jim's remarks, it's doubtful that he can bear any burdan to keep this BBS.
752 : yume ★ : 2006/08/23 (火) 08:06:21 ID: ???
Please stop blaming.
The thing which is necessary for us is sincere talks.

753 : LOVE ★ [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 10:22:16 ID: ???
I understood it. I will stop your cap. Thank you.
754 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 10:25:56 ID: z+a5sPkO
>>731 こちらもよろしくお願いしますね。
755 : 228 ◆SSuTDMeFzQ [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 10:46:29 ID: Mdq5zBna
Thank you.
Please do its best.
756 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/23 (火) 16:01:08 ID: lxoqDsGF
Dear Jim-SAN

The time when suit occurred in Japan is the time when you close bbspink.

Because only it has the means how you protect a Japanese volunteer, I think.

You please do your best till it occurs.
757 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/24 (水) 00:45:25 ID: RVPmqlXN
dear jim-san

prease use japanees[if you can use]
becouse this bbs,s any user can,t use engrish
758 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 00:55:42 ID: Bmu/pplX
759 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/24 (水) 01:25:28 ID: RVPmqlXN
760 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 02:24:08 ID: VBmzCV+E
761 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/24 (水) 02:38:23 ID: U6T0dxsk
74 :ひろゆき@どうやら管理人 ★ :2006/08/24(木) 04:08:58 ID:???0 ?DIA(30716)


85 :たにし ★ :2006/08/24(木) 04:58:19 ID:???0
762 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/24 (水) 04:56:10 ID: AYeRx3sv
>>761 私の友人は話した。
763 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 05:55:49 ID: J7Q/Hl9R
my friend talked

764 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/24 (水) 05:55:57 ID: m4TbnNHl
平壌は彫像及び噴水で満ちている広く、きれいな通りおよび広い正方形のきれいな都市である。しかしそれは主として捨てられた、生殖不能、sexless 都市またである。外交官は高齢者達および妊婦が最後のカップル年内の中の平壌しか与えられなかったことを言う。
765 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 09:03:58 ID: suqGpCnE
Is it?
767 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 14:18:39 ID: /T5z7pw0
No, no.
He(LOVE ★) should be taken place his post as a deleter.

LOVE is RUB of bbspink.
769 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 19:52:40 ID: AmJGn3Yp
You MUST fire LOVE ★.
He lacks the capability for being leader.
You didn't choose him/her as a reader, eh?
770 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/24 (水) 23:01:05 ID: PyKqIdEx
771 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/24 (水) 23:53:21 ID: MXvVC0Xr
I have read it.
772 : Mumumu ◆MUMUMUhnYI @桃色吐息 ★ : 2006/08/25 (木) 02:24:31 ID: ???
Thank you.

Again, it is important message for all.
I believe that Fox has true love for BBSPINK itself, you, Love-san
and all BBSPINK users.
773 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/25 (木) 05:52:58 ID: aVaZfU16
774 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/25 (木) 07:53:30 ID: DWZuhxYt
take a look boys
775 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/25 (木) 08:04:40 ID: Adm9BDkV
>631 Deleted 06/08/25 00:48:10
776 : Deleted : 2006/08/25 (木) 08:16:41 ID: EmUspg00

777 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/25 (木) 08:18:02 ID: 9pmyz8p6
> 631 :Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys  [] :2006/08/22(火) 02:15:16 ID:PWjLI5/Z
> Delete me please
778 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/25 (木) 08:22:47 ID: Adm9BDkV
It's similar to normal posts.
779 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/25 (木) 09:37:24 ID: oxxDt6N6

u r really cool.
good luck.
780 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/25 (木) 09:48:57 ID: oxxDt6N6
and I LOVE BBSPINK & エロ!
782 : XS ◆XSSH/ryx32 [age] : 2006/08/26 (金) 00:52:17 ID: Uftalk+3
Mr.LOVE says an unbelievable thing.

I permit the report of deletion by easy TRIP.
Therefore, please process an important deletion relation.
Thanking you in advance.


783 : Excite translation [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 01:41:19 ID: QBAG5R2z
Dear Jim-san

Please add "ID:DELETED" at the date of the deletion message.
It will distinguish from usual post.
Example >>631 "06/08/25 00:48:10 ID:DELETED"
784 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/26 (金) 02:54:42 ID: yzrYoR1V
Love is pretty smart. Lets see how it works.
Unbelievable is either good or bad. Please explain your comment more clearly.
785 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:04:07 ID: Yv7l/kRK
>>604 is 604 名前:うふーん[うふーん] 投稿日:うふーん ID:DELETED
>>631 is 631 名前:Deleted[] 投稿日:06/08/25(金) 00:48:10

Although the post day and the display of ID have changed before, is it good now?

786 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:08:27 ID: yzrYoR1V
It seems like it works better with my firefox extension....;)
787 : 単なる”削除”依頼人 ◆DeleterXCk [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:09:27 ID: wP3Oqk5g

788 : XS ◆XSSH/ryx32 [age] : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:26:15 ID: Uftalk+3

「I permit the report of deletion by easy TRIP.
Therefore, please process an important deletion relation.
Thanking you in advance. 」

This is the words that Mr.LOVE said.
May we let easy TRIP-man delete it steadily?

and Your number is slipping off. >>700or>>701
789 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:30:50 ID: Yv7l/kRK
With resumption of deletion, deleter had directions by e-mail about the contents deleted.
since there is no statement to a bulletin board, a user does not understand what is deleted.

Wish: I want you to perform directions by writing for a bulletin board. (If there is no problem in opening to the public )

790 : XS ◆XSSH/ryx32 [age] : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:40:16 ID: Uftalk+3
A correction.
easy TRIP-man →  man of an lie TRIP.
791 : XS ◆XSSH/ryx32 [age] : 2006/08/26 (金) 03:56:03 ID: Uftalk+3
Do you allow you to let man of an lie TRIP delete it?

792 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 07:46:01 ID: gDW1jWdk


793 : XS ◆XSSH/ryx32 [age] : 2006/08/26 (金) 09:37:14 ID: Uftalk+3
It is assumed that TRIP-MAN deleted the thing which deleter★ should delete.
We are "who deleted this?" I become and a problem and am troubled.


(It is assumed that TRIP-MAN deleted the thing which deleter★ should delete.
When we became a problem who deleted it in that case, it is awkward.

* All the deletion volunteers lose trust.
* It is assumed that there is Mr.A causing a lot of problems.
Only the upper echelon knows that Mr.A has many mistakes.
When only the upper echelon knows it, it is a problem.
It is not to know what kind of punishment you gave Mr.A which caused a problem.
* 全ての削除ボランティアが、信用を失います。
* 多くの問題を引き起こしているMr.Aがいると仮定します。
794 : 名無し編集部員 [age] : 2006/08/26 (金) 11:39:14 ID: Uftalk+3 🧦
it is from ◆uRW6KoTaRo
I report it about Mr.kaioh.
He uses a confidential information of people for self-interest.
It is sure that this thing has testimony of a 2channel operators including Mr.Hiroyuki.
This becomes serious evil for BBSPINK.
Mr.LOVE employs him in the important post while knowing it.
Besides, he seem to do a mutter of evil to you to use him for an important position.
I think. Except that, as for this, Mr.LOVE is "an accomplice" of Mr.kaioh, there is not it.
You should dismiss LOVE for BBSPINK if you do not do LOVE and "suspicious business".

795 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 12:41:53 ID: og6TewZK
Nippon ヽ(゚∀゚ )ノ cha-cha-cha

Nippon ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ cha-cha-cha
796 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 15:48:22 ID: OOFH8ECY
797 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 19:53:00 ID: 3TPB+zuW
>998 名前:Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ 投稿日:2006/08/26(土) 13:56:39 ???
>LOVE * you have my approval to begin deletion.
>Hajime yo!

>999 名前:Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ 投稿日:2006/08/26(土) 13:57:07 ???
>LOVE * you have my approval to begin deletion.
>Hajime yo!

>1000 名前:Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ 投稿日:2006/08/26(土) 13:57:22 ???
>LOVE * you have my approval to begin deletion.
>Hajime yo!

>1001 名前:1001 投稿日:Over 1000 Thread

Jim-san which an important position named a manager has must not do such a copy & paste.
It is said in various places by the people who looked.
「It is manager disqualification!!!」.
You are shame.

I am sad. I want to cry. It is really very shame.
798 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/26 (金) 20:27:41 ID: Sms3v7Nc
Why not?
799 : 名無し編集部員 : 2006/08/26 (金) 20:41:28 ID: Sms3v7Nc
Filling the thread up closed by #1000 is like one of the festival.
It is just for fun. It is innocent.
800 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 21:37:07 ID: 3TPB+zuW
I am sad about a person of an important position having performed a stupid method of copy & paste.
801 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/26 (金) 22:11:27 ID: 3TPB+zuW
Originality nothing nothing.
802 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 04:46:08 ID: ???
>>801 Nothing to do with originality or using copy and paste. It was important
and I wanted to use the repeat to get the point across. Don't be so serious.
803 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 04:58:42 ID: YffcOQ/p
Please let me know favorite play of Jim-san.
It is a favorite that I play a game and BBSPINK. :-)

804 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 05:24:32 ID: ???
My two favorite games are Red Baron, and Total Carnage. You might be able to find them
on a mame site. I have not seen those video game machines in quite a while.
My favorite computer game is Hot Wheels Velocity X.
805 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 05:29:46 ID: ZzPJiHQK
In Japan, an eroticism game is prosperous.
Does not that kind of game do Jim-san?
Or is a game of three them eroticism?
806 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 05:34:38 ID: ???
I like Erotic games too. I have Leisure suit Larry
it is pretty sexy.
807 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 05:42:02 ID: ZzPJiHQK
Jim don't be sexaholic, too!

What kind of game is Leisure suit Larry?
Is it Larry game?
Does a woman take it off when she lets a game succeed?
808 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 05:43:47 ID: ???
yes it has sexy 2d women in it. There were some other flash games I liked but I forgot the URL
809 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 05:49:21 ID: ZzPJiHQK
OH! No!
I made a mistake. >>807
> Jim don't be sexaholic, too!
Jim is erotic, too!
I write it mean.

Please remember it URL. Please!! Please!!
810 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:02:03 ID: ???
I can't remember. I am drinking to the demise of Pluto as a planet. Now it is only
a dwarf planet. Dwarfs are small and even dwarf planets are big, why are they dwarf planets.
Couldn't we come up with a new name? How about Big Balls.
811 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:15:04 ID: ZzPJiHQK
Pluto, it's means 冥王星 in japanease.
I watched the news, too.
I said "OTU-desu" for Pluto.

Big Balls.I think that it is a good name too.

Japan is 3:00 p.m. now, but is that the night?
I want to drink it together,
But,it is still early time to drink liquor here.
812 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:42:47 ID: ???
813 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:45:34 ID: ZzPJiHQK
>>812 Jim-san

I think.
Jupiter is grand, but always covers a face.
An appearance is bigger than it, but there is not it greatly.
It always comes and smiles well.
When we put up a face, there is always it near.

It seems to be so the moon.
We like such an existence.
814 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:48:30 ID: ???
Jupiter is grand, but Venus is my favorite. Shining brightly in the sky.
The hot and steamy wet planet of love.
Good night. I have to sleep now.
815 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:54:29 ID: ZzPJiHQK
>>814 Jim-san
Good night !!“おやすみなさい”

Jupiter shines, but it is very low brightness.but...
>The hot and steamy wet planet of love.
816 : Techcs Farzenbarg ◆TECHCS.zfQ [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 06:59:39 ID: 1+0z3VrR
>>812 Mr.JIM
Have a good nite.
See you again!
817 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 10:47:03 ID: RFCnukaU
818 : ◆witch2enoc [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 11:54:46 ID: YajJ8wzM
You don't take things seriously enough.
You are thinking too lightly.


‥‥‥I think so, too.
I agree, too.
819 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 15:13:09 ID: N1op2LZ/

BBS is very heavy to me,
and it's so light to you.
820 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 18:33:47 ID: IG3+CLlH
Dear Jim-san

August ends soon. Has the climate in your country softened?
Japan is still sultry.

I have a favor to ask of you today.

Before LOVE-san becomes a volunteer leader,
the volunteer recruitment was done two times in pink bbs.
Did you receive the application mail of those times from TO-RU san in >>484-485?
If you received, my application mail is sure to be included in that.

I sent two application mail.
One was sent to delATMARKbbspink.com on July 19.
One was sent to shinobuATMARK2ch.net on July 26.
However, I didn't apply for recruitment afterwards after all,
and I didn't become a volunteer.

Therefore, could you erase my application mail, my mail address,
and all individual information whom you have?
My handle name for application is "ボン".
I described the same handle name and the mail address to the end of two mail.
Should I send another mail to jimATMARKbbspink.com for the confirmation?

Sorry to trouble you, but I will wait for your answer.
821 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/28 (日) 23:36:48 ID: lMBWTM5G
We've been having fun all summer long♪
822 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/29 (月) 02:19:42 ID: ???
That mail went to dev/null and Toru. That email is active now. Before it was not active
just eager people posted it to soon. I am sorry for your inconvenience.
823 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/29 (月) 02:22:42 ID: ???
I take it very serious. I don't understand what you are talking about. I have been
to Japan in August just for this problem, and that cost me a lot of money. (umm some of the
money went to Shinjuku) but it is serious to me.
I am interested in your opinion on Naked sushi. They are trying to ban it in Seattle Washington
and I think that is very serious. No joke.
824 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 02:55:21 ID: 1MmxDXZF
>>822 Jim-san

>>820-san asks another question.
"Should I send another mail to jimATMARKbbspink.com for the confirmation?"
825 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★ : 2006/08/29 (月) 02:58:17 ID: ???
It is not necessary. I do not have your information. Toru might still have it though.
Please ask Toru to delete it.
826 : NAKAMARO [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 03:39:06 ID: 5DOtTldL


Bye! Thank You!
827 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 03:44:46 ID: 1MmxDXZF
>>820 ボンさんへ

from JIM.


828 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/29 (月) 05:51:19 ID: cTICucsH
>> 826 Thanks Nakamaro. You made me smile.
People are really taking things to serious lately. There are some really serious things going on.
Pink Channel is escape from them for many people. Maybe we should make a beating board, and only allow
beating on that board. Come on guys I am just busy studying the latest issue of Cream.
Concrete from bomb blasts falling on innocent children. Fathers and Mothers riddled with bullets
and poor soldiers living to have to live with the memory of what they have done. Those things are serious.
Rolling stone magazine, is serious. It has been pointed out to me that the articles written in its pages
could never be printed in Japan. Press self censorship is serious.
Getting horny, and wanting to write about it, or brag about your majestic beautiful penis is not serious
but it is splendid that we have a place and an opportunity to that.
Do you know that most of the users of Pink Channel are drunk?
Coming home after a long day at the factory, the slaughter house or the office.
Women drinking Super dry waiting for their drunk salary man husbands to come home from the mandatory
fun their boss has imposed on them. I think most people just want to have fun on Pink Channel.
The beaters and complainers are very few when we look at the amount of people enjoying themselves here.
Lets have a fun erotic life together.
829 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 06:01:08 ID: EIiuhv0Q
When are Jim, a deletion guideline completed?
I look forward to me like "ろくろっ首 ".
Because I am very longer than your penis, I find the neck unmanageable
830 : Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys : 2006/08/29 (月) 06:05:00 ID: cTICucsH
So you need extra hands to help with it.
well we could use the gl that Analfuck wrote if nobody has objection to it.
Or you can wait for me to write it. Unfortunately my huge penis is in the way
so it might take some time.
831 : まりも ★ [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 09:45:30 ID: ???
Dear Jim-san,

An error was given during deletion.
> ERR27! Cannot open file[../hneta/dat/1156690082.dat]

It cannot make a note in the thread which is finished with 1000res arrival.
Will you have any relation?


832 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 09:52:44 ID: 8WMlfJ68
833 : まりも ★ [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 10:08:58 ID: ???
834 : 心人 ★ [sage ] : 2006/08/29 (月) 10:37:21 ID: ???

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 7:10 PM

836 : まりも ★ [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 10:54:36 ID: ???
>>831 I sent an email of the same contents.
I am sorry to scatter it here and there.


837 : Bon ◆QV7UX5Tcbk [sage] : 2006/08/29 (月) 14:06:49 ID: eTN0rY42
Thank you for your response.
In a word, you have not received the application mail about the past two volunteer's recruitment
that 削除pink★ san & TO-RU san did.
The applicants' past application mail was not included in TO-RU san's >>484 mail at all.
Is that so?

If so, there is no problem. I pray for healthy management of pink bbs.(-人-)合掌

(in Japanese)

それなら何も問題はありません。pink bbsの健全な運営をお祈りいたします。合掌

838 : yume ◆Yume.xMgf6 @yume ★ [sage] : 2006/08/30 (火) 01:05:53